ARTICLE 1: Purpose

The purpose of these "General Conditions of Use and Sales" is to define the legal framework of the terms of availability of the services of the SKILLTER website, their conditions of use and their use by the "User". The general conditions of use and sales must be accepted by all Users who wish to access the site. They constitute the "Mandate" Proxy contract between the Platform and the User. Access to the Platform by the User signifies their express and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of use and sales. In case of the non-acceptance of the general conditions of use and sales stipulated in this Mandate, the User must renounce access to the Services offered by the Platform. SKILLTER reserves the right to unilaterally and at any time modify the content of these general conditions of use and sales.

ARTICLE 2: Legal information

Publication of the SKILLTER website is provided by MAFYS US INC (NVID) NV2015147413 whose head office is located at 6130 West Flamingo Road PMB 4046 LAS VEGAS NV 89103.

The website is hosted by OVH - 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France

ARTICLE 3: Definitions

The purpose of this clause is to define the various terms that are essential for the Proxy: User and The User: these terms designate any person who uses the website or one of the Services offered by the Platform. User content: these are the data transferred by the User on the Platform site. Member: the User becomes a member when they are identified on the Platform site. Login and password: the set of information necessary for the identification of a User on the Platform site. The login and password enable the User to access the Services reserved for members of the Platform site. The password is private and known only to the User and used under their sole responsibility.

ARTICLE 4: Access to the Services

The Platform site gives the User free access to the following services: - Informational articles; - Classified advertisements; - Contacts with sellers; - Publication of comments / personal works; the Platform site is accessible free of charge in any place to any User who has access to the internet. All costs borne by the User to access the service (computer hardware, software, internet connection, etc.) are at the User's expense. Non-member users do not have access to the Services reserved for members. To access their account, Users must identify themselves with their login and password. The Platform site deploys all the means available to it to ensure quality access to its Services. This is an obligation of means only. The Platform site is not committed to fulfilling this result. Any event due to a case of force majeure in the widest sense possible and leading to a network or server malfunction does not engage the liability of the Platform site. Access to the Services of the Platform site can at any time be interrupted, suspended or modified without prior notice for maintenance or for any other reason. The User undertakes not to claim any compensation following the interruption, suspension or modification of this contract for any reason whatsoever, even if these incidents should prevent the User from acquiring the vehicle they have chosen. The User has the possibility to contact the Platform site via email to the address "Following email":

ARTICLE 5: Services the Platform offers the user

Any User who wishes to load the Services Platform must first accept the General Conditions of Sale and the General Conditions of Use by ticking the two boxes provided for this purpose and must also register on the Platform site by creating their own account (to do so, follow the instructions on line).

ARTICLE 5.5: Extensive proxy mandate (non-exhaustive list of services).

The User (the principal) hereby grants a wide mandate to the SKILLTER platform (the proxy), who accepts it, in order to execute the following services: General Services: - in the context of the services entrusted to it by the User, the Platform enables and/or facilitates the organization, transport and importation of the desired vehicle from the USA through the intervention of specialized service providers, as is acknowledged by the User. - The delivery to the residence or any other place must be specifically requested to the Platform by the User. - Any service and assistance related to the capacities of the Platform in the context of the execution of the Services that are entrusted to it in the framework of the Proxy Mandate described herein. - The Platform sends Users all the documents provided to them by the American sellers and service providers in the context of the acquisition and transport operations. Customs clearance documents will be delivered by the freight forwarder at the port of arrival. Any User entrusting the Platform with one or more services via this proxy contract (Mandate) undertakes to pay particular attention to the content of the advertisement concerning the vehicle that they wish to acquire and transport, in such a way that the liability of the Platform is never engaged regarding the selection of the said article. The platform never intervenes in this selection. If the User requests the opinion of the Platform, the response of the latter cannot engage the liability of the Platform. Only the response of a duly solicited Appraiser can be taken into consideration, the responsibility for which is exclusively that of the Appraiser. If an inspection is requested by the User or advised by the Platform, this latter will indicate to the User all the steps to take as well as the costs and terms of payment. If the User wishes to entrust the Platform with this service, they must explicitly express their will to do so through the account they have created on the Platform and expressly accept the conditions. The Platform will send the User a non-exhaustive list of appraisers in order to perform this inspection. The User must indicate their choice to the Platform via their account. The Platform may also, at the User's request, charge a service provider to take charge of the registration of the vehicle as well as its certification. These services will be paid for directly to the service providers by the User. As the Platform only serves to provide contacts, it can in no case be liable for any difficulty that may appear regarding the incompletion of the said services. The costs mentioned are indicative only and are in no case contractual. Once all the conditions are duly fulfilled by the User for the execution of this service, the Platform will take charge of its execution. The inspection report generally includes (depending on the Appraiser and/or specific demand by the User): photos in order to assess the state of the vehicle as well as possible, the number of which will vary according to the vehicle and the User's wishes. The User may request the Appraiser to create a video so as to better assess the state of the vehicle. A report will be established by the Appraiser and sent to the User by the Platform on reception. On reading this report, the User will have full knowledge to decide on the pursuance of this acquisition. It is recalled here that a vehicle of ten or several tens of years of age cannot be considered as new and that depending on its sales price, the User must provide for restoration work according to its future use. The budget that should be allowed for restoration after acquisition depends on the purchase price in relation to the quoted value of the same model in "restored vehicle" condition. The User can never use the argument of a vehicle quality problem in an attempt to engage the responsibility of the Platform for any reason whatsoever. The User remains the sole person responsible for their choices and decisions. The Platform remains totally transparent regarding the services it is entrusted with by the Principal, as the choice of the said vehicle and the final decision to purchase it are the User's exclusive responsibility. The Platform will indicate the necessary steps for the User to proceed with the payment of the vehicle directly to the seller. The same applies for any payment of a deposit that may be required by the latter. The User expressly commits to the Platform to execute all the instructions given to the User and requested through the intermediary of the site, in such a way as to never be at odds with the sellers and/or service providers selected by the User to execute the different tasks and/or Services necessary to finalize their acquisition. Moreover, if, in the context of the services entrusted to the Platform by the User, the Platform is requested to offer its advice on the vehicle chosen, it will be considered for indicative purposes only and not an appraisal. Only the recourse to an "Appraiser" selected by the User can be considered as an official opinion, engaging the sole liability of the Appraiser. The Platform only provides a non-exhaustive list of appraisers to the User on request. Users have total freedom over their choice. The only objective of the Services offered by the Platform is to ensure Users with the widest range of facilities and comfort for their intention to acquire a vehicle from the USA. By entrusting the Platform with one or more services, the User accepts these General Conditions of Sales and General Conditions of Use without reserve, as well as the Platform's privacy policy. The User confirms that they have informed themselves of the entire content of these General Conditions of Sales and General Conditions of Use.

ARTICLE 6: Substitution

The SKILLTER platform has the faculty to delegate all or part of the services entrusted by the User to any physical or legal person presenting sufficient professional and moral guarantees. This condition is expressly accepted by the customer.

ARTICLE 7: Electronic communications

When the User visits the Platform site and uses its services or sends it email, they communicate with the Platform by electronic means. In the same way, the User consents to receiving messages from the Platform via electronic means. The Platform will communicate with the User by email or by publishing notifications on the Platform site. The User accepts that, to the extent allowed by applicable law, the computer archives, digital files and electronic communications stored on the Platform's computer systems are considered as proof of the relations and communications between the Platform and the User in the context of the execution of the entrusted Services. Consequently, these elements constitute proof and, if they are produced by the Platform as elements of proof in the context of any legal proceedings, they will be admissible, valid and enforceable to the parties in the same way, according to the same conditions and with the same probative value as any document that can be established, received or saved in writing.

ARTICLE 8: Costs and Expenses of Services

The Platform's Services are executed either by the Platform itself or by service providers selected by it or by the User. The Services can be executed for a fee indicated in the estimate. Regarding costs both for management and the services executed by the Platform, rates will vary from a fixed amount for vehicles under USD 20K to 2% of the value of the vehicles for vehicles over USD 500K. These rates will be kept up to date in the estimates. For other Services, each service provider will communicate their rates to the Platform. The Platform will inform the User directly. The estimates provide for indicative purposes only the current rates for each "standard" Service. The Platform will indicate the cost for special requests to the User on an ad hoc basis. No specific Service will be executed without the User's express agreement via their personal account. Any discount granted by a seller on the sales price of a vehicle following steps taken by the Platform will be shared by halves between the User and the Platform. In this case, the Platform will recover the amount of the said discount directly from the seller and will send half to the User as soon as possible.

ARTICLE 9: Vehicle payment and deposit payment

It is recalled that the User directly pays the American seller or our American partner for the acquisition of the vehicle. Payment for the services mentioned in the estimate will be made in euros directly into a bank account in France. If necessary, the Platform will assist the User with this procedure.

ARTICLE 10: Intellectual property

The brands, logos, marks and any other content of the site are protected by the Intellectual Property Code, notably for copyrights. The User will solicit the prior authorization of the Platform for any reproduction, publication or copy of various content. The User undertakes to use the content of the site strictly for private purposes. Any use of the content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. All content placed on line by the User is done so under their sole responsibility. The User undertakes not to publish on line any content that may infringe on the interests of third persons. Any legal recourse undertaken by a third party against the site will be taken in charge by the User. The User's content may at any time and for any reason by deleted or modified by the Platform. The User will receive no prior justification or notification for the deletion or modification of the User's content or their account.

ARTICLE 11: Personal data, Storage, Password - Security

The information requested when subscribing to the Platform is necessary and mandatory for the creation of the User's account. In particular, the electronic address may be used by the Platform for the administration, management and operation of the service. The site ensures Users that personal data is collected and treated in respect of privacy in compliance with law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on information technology, files and freedom. By virtue of articles 39 and 40 of the law of January 6, 1978, the User has a right of access, rectification, deletion and opposition with respect to their personal data. The User may exercise this right by email sent to [email protected] Subscription to the Platform is only authorized for physical persons with the capacity to perform legal acts under the law applicable in their country of residence. When subscribing to the Platform, the User declares to be at least 18 years of age and to have the legal right to accept these General Conditions of Sales and Use. The User is responsible for all the acts (including purchases and payments concerning the Service) and omissions of their children under the age of 18 if they use the Platform Site. It is the User's responsibility to log off the Platform when they leave their computer, tablet or any other connected device. To subscribe, the User will be requested to provide certain information. The User undertakes to provide up-to-date, exact and complete information about themselves when they subscribe to the Platform site and to correct them later if they become obsolete or out of date. In case of the non-respect of this obligation, the Platform reserves the right to suspend and/or close the User's account and to refuse them access to the Site. The User must also provide an available username, an email address (or telephone number if necessary), as well as a password associated with the username, which will enable them to identify themselves and access the Service and their User account. The User must also indicate their country of residence. The User undertakes not to subscribe with a username that infringes on the rights of a third party. In particular, the User undertakes not to use a username that infringes on copyrights, trademark rights, corporate names, business names and/or logos of third parties. The User's name and password are strictly personal. The responsibility to preserve the confidentiality of their username and password are their entire responsibility. They alone are authorized to use the Platform and their account with their username and password and undertake not to enable access to their user account to any other person. In case of the use of a username and password, it is presumed that it is the User in person who is accessing the Platform. If the User learns that a third party succeeds in accessing their User account, they undertake to immediately modify their password and to inform the Platform by email sent to the following address: [email protected]

ARTICLE 12: Liability and force majeure

The sources of information published on the site are deemed to be reliable. Nevertheless, the site does not guarantee the reliability of the sources. The information given on the site is purely informative. Thus, the User alone assumes full responsibility for the use of the information and content of this Platform site. The User must ensure that their password is kept secret. Any disclosure of the password, under any form, is prohibited. The User assumes the risks related to the use of their login and password. The site declines any responsibility. Any use of the Platform by the User that directly or indirectly leads to damages must be compensated for the benefit of the site. An optimal guarantee of the security and confidentiality of the data transmitted is not ensured by the Platform site. Nevertheless, the Platform site undertakes to implement all the means necessary in order to best guarantee the security and privacy of the data. The responsibility of the Platform site cannot be engaged in cases of force majeure or due to the unforeseen or unavoidable act of a third party.

ARTICLE 13: Hypertext links

Numerous outgoing hypertext links are present on the Platform site, nevertheless the web pages to which these links lead in no way engage the responsibility of the Platform, which has no control over these links. The User undertakes not to engage the responsibility of the Platform site concerning the content and resources relative to these outgoing hypertext links.

ARTICLE 14: Evolution of the contract

The Platform reserves the right to modify at any time the clauses stipulated in this Proxy contract (Mandate).

ARTICLE 15: Duration

The duration of this contract is subordinate to the duration necessary for the definitive completion of the various Services entrusted to the Platform by the User. The contract produces its effects with respect to the User from the time of the creation and use of the User's private account on the Platform site.

ARTICLE 16: Withdrawal

Users can terminate their use of the Platform at any time and without prior notice by closing their User account. If the User closes their User account, they cannot recover the content, elements or other data previously generated and downloaded via the Platform. The Platform can block or close the User account, suspend access and/or definitively exclude the User from the site if the User violates any of the provisions of the General Conditions of Sales or Use.

ARTICLE 17: Warranty and After-sales Service

The responsibility of the Platform cannot be engaged. It is expressly recalled that the Platform site is not the seller, as is recognized by the User, and consequently the Platform cannot assume a warranty or after-sales service concerning the vehicles purchased. Only the sellers can assume an after-sales service warranty when it is expressly indicated by the seller in the purchase documents. In this case, it is the User's responsibility to enter into direct contact with the seller. The Platform must be notified of any difficulty with a seller in order to avoid dealing with them in the future.

ARTICLE 18: Cancellation of your purchase

It is impossible to cancel your purchase except under the following circumstances: non-availability of the vehicle, non-compliance of the vehicle with the description of the advertisement or for any cause related to the seller's exclusive responsibility. For any other reason due to the decision of the User (purchaser), the management costs and other expenses for the Platform for logistics, transport, container reservation, and generally all the expenses for any action undertaken concerning the Services entrusted and engaged by the Platform will be definitively lost.

Article 19: Liability

It is recalled that the Platform operates as the User's Proxy and for this reason the Platform is a totally transparent legal entity and executes the services on behalf of the Principal, the User. The Platform can in no case be considered as an intermediary. The Services of the Platform are considered to be perfectly executed and completed when all the provisions relative to the Services have been executed.

Force majeure

It is expressly recalled that SKILLTER can in no case be held responsible for any delays in cases of force majeure.

In application of paragraph 1 of article 1218 of the Civil Code, contractual force majeure consists of an event that is beyond the control of the obligor that could not be reasonably foreseen during the conclusion of the contract and the effects of which cannot be avoided by appropriate measures, preventing the execution of their obligation by the obligor.

If the hindrance is temporary, execution is suspended, unless the resulting delay justifies the termination of the contract.

ARTICLE 20: Dispute - Arbitration

In case of a dispute concerning the interpretation and/or execution of this contract, the parties agree that, prior to any other claim, they shall seek the best solutions among themselves. In case of failure, they undertake to submit their dispute to the competent court as a last resort.