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The 2020 Tesla Roadster, the promise of a super-powerful electric supercar

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The 2020 Tesla Roadster, the promise of a super-powerful electric supercar

Elon Musk, the entrepreneurial genius, created Zip2 and then PayPal at the beginning of his career; he then founded Space X, the aerospace company, in 2002 when his whim to conquer Mars started to take shape. Two years later, he joined Tesla Motors and took over as CEO in 2008. The first Tesla roadster came out the same year and multiplied shares in the company. It attracted intense attention over a period of four years. The reintroduction in 2020 of a roadster made by what is now Tesla, Inc. was announced by Elon Musk on November 16, 2017 during the presentation of his avant-garde truck.

In addition to the announcement, he took advantage of the occasion to create a buzz by the surprise reveal of the prototype. The event was perfectly staged: to a background of the appropriately chosen Beastie Boys song "Sabotage", the concept car appeared from within the trailer of one of the trucks that were supposed to be the main attraction. The announcement of the unheard-of performance of the future Roadster left the audience speechless: 0 to 100 kph in 2 s, top speed reaching 400 kph and a range of 1000 km!

Already in 2011, the project of an association with another platform than the Lotus Elise was envisaged by Elon Musk. It took nine long years before production began. With the concept car, it was understood that it was in no way comparable to the first generation Roadster. The 2020 Tesla is a coupe with the glass roof that is typical of targas; it has two doors and seats four. It is the fruit of the imagination of designer Franz von Holzhausen, formerly with Mazda and already the creator of the Tesla Model S, X and 3. The new Roadster is in no way extravagant and some deride its lack of esthetic soul.

What almost everyone agrees on is the mechanical prowess of the Tesla Roadster. According to the manufacturer, the racer rivals the Bugatti Chiron and is capable of reaching 400 kph, and better yet, the acceleration is worthy of a dragster but entirely electric. The technical characteristics are awesome: from 0 to 96 kph in 1.9 s, 0 to 160 kph in 4.2 s and an acceleration to 402 m in 8.8 s. The torque is in the 5-figure bracket: an almost unbelievable 10,000 Nm!

Like the Corvette, the rear wheels of the Tesla are bigger than those at the front. They are entirely powered via three electric motors: one at the front and two at the rear. These engines are powered by a 250 kWh battery, i.e. two and a half times that of the Model S. The announced range is up to 1000 km, but you wouldn't want to drive it too hard to reach that!

We can't wait until the model is released and topples quite a few records. For those who want to acquire the electric supercar, they will have to spend $200,000, including a quarter of the sum as a deposit. This is still very affordable considering the performance of the vehicle and the comparison with McLaren and Bugatti. Another series, called the Founders Series and limited to 1000 units, is also available for reservation, but buyers will have to pay the total amount of $250,000 up front and can expect a long wait ahead of them before delivery!