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Tesla Model 3, the exceptional electric car arrives in 2018

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Tesla Model 3, the exceptional electric car arrives in 2018

The Tesla name celebrates the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, who, from the end of the 19th century, began his studies of electrical energy and filed no less than 300 patents. Tesla Motors, Inc. was born in 2003 and was named in tribute to the scientist. Renamed Tesla, Inc., the company develops electric vehicles in all their glory. Growing demand led the company to build its Gigafactory in 2014, the biggest building ever built and dedicated to battery manufacture. The objectives are to meet the global transition towards sustainable energy and five factories are planned around the world. A project under the code name Blue Star, already on the drawing boards in 2014, led to the Model 3, which was unveiled on March 31, 2016 for a price of $35,000. Production began in July 2017 for delivery at the end of the year for the United States and 2018 for Europe and more recent orders.

Elon Musk, the founder of the brand, was clearly inspired by Porsche for the front-end esthetics of the Model 3. A nod to the codes of the Model S was also evident. All this gave the Tesla a modern and elegant look. The incredible windshield/roof/rear window consists of a single glass part and provides enhanced aerodynamics. The luminosity of the 5-seat passenger compartment is also a major asset of this configuration. For all these features, a single giant TV-like touchscreen stands out from the bare dashboard.

The technical promises of the Tesla 3 are mouth-watering: a range of 350 km, an autopilot system, from 0 to 100 kph in under 6 seconds and truly mastered safety. The sedan includes 4-wheel drive, integral transmission and an option of more powerful batteries. The "supercharger" is standard equipment and contributes to battery recharge in only a few minutes. The networks of stations devoted to this type of specialization is developing quickly and should meet future expectations.

Indeed, with over 400,000 units pre-sold despite the fact that production of the 2016 Tesla was little more than 80,000 units, there was a certain frenzy among consumers. This was legitimate considering the high carbon footprint of gasoline-powered vehicles. The fact that the price was half of the previous model (which is explained by the reduced range compared with the model S) also contributed to this enthusiasm; the $35,000 were justified and helped mentalities to change. Electric trucks are being produced and a Tesla Semi is planned for the end of 2021. £

Purchase by Apple has also been rumored. The technology giant is developing self-driving cars and talk of their interest in Tesla has been leaked. Given that Tesla is not in financial difficulty and the Apple has colossal funds, a transfer could make the headlines as there are billions of dollars in the balance... to be cont'd.