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The name of Roush is a byword in American automobile history

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The name of Roush is a byword in American automobile history

Jack Roush has entered the elite ranks of American automobile tuners: he was nominated in 2006 and has since had a place in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. A true businessman at the head of a holding (Roush Enterprises) that is competitive to say the least, Roush learned his trade with Ford at the beginning of his career.

Born in 1942 in Covington, Kentucky, he had a passion for mechanics from earliest childhood (he assembled and disassembled everything he laid his hands on). He started a short career on the assembly line: Ford helped to develop a genius. He then obtained a masters in mathematics that pushed him towards research in engine performance. For one year, Chrysler enabled him to follow another approach to mechanics. He then left to start his own business: in 1970, he specialized in automobile racing and dragsters and through his own engineering company developed Mustang Fastbacks with greater performance than ever before.

He associated with Wayne Grapp and their partnership was a stellar success: between 1970 and 1975, their Racer Pro Stock cars won the American dragster championships and ensured their renown. In 1976, he founded Roush Performance Engineering and offered his services to other teams. He diversified into hill climbing and boat engines. In 1982, a new partnership took Roush to the summit of his career: his alliance with the German firm Zakspeed Racing, known for their success in Europe, brought him a number of victories.

He entered the competition in various categories, including sports cars and sedans. One track followed another but the events were never the same. In 1984, he won the title of best manufacturer with his Lincoln Mercury. He then won 24 championships, with half as sports car manufacturer, and no less than 10 Daytona victories with his sedans – an impressive success. To seal his reputation, he entered the NASCAR league in 1988 and his driver Mark Martin directly took the pole position in one of the races. The most incredible thing was his victory the following year.

Since then, Jack Roush is the one and only owner and title holder in NASCAR history to have 5 teams in the top 10 on points. His teams have garnered 260 championship victories (5 championships) in 3 different NASCAR series, including success in the 2007 national series with Carl Edwards. Confirming his induction the previous year into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, Jack Roush will remain an American car legend. All categories considered, Roush has won nearly 4000 victories.

Between Roush Yates Motors, founded in 2005 for the creation of racing parts, and then Roush Fenway Racing, born in 2007 thanks to his NASCAR victories, Jack has had time to create nearly 2000 jobs within Roush Industries, which develops all sorts of parts necessary for transport, aviation and electronics companies. Along with his very first creation, Roush Performance, which now also offers tuning for the general public, Roush Entreprises has been built around four major sectors that have never ceased to boost the renown of "The Cat in the Hat", the nickname he is known by. His ever-present Panama hat may have something to do with that!

Roush Performance enables us to admire Ford models that have been unbelievably boosted: always oriented towards performance, the American cars treated by Roush undergo breathtaking transformations. F-150s, Mercurys, Cougars, even the Focus, but above all Mustangs, become true works of art. One cannot stop admiring the latest evolutions of the 2010 Roush Mustang: the 427R, the 540RH or the 540 horsepower Stage 3 with a range of amazing modifications that sell for no less than nearly €20,000. His ingenious tunings keep the dream alive!