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The Indianapolis 500

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The Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis speedway was created in 1909, at almost the same time as the first American cars. So, the Indiana Motor Speedway has existed for over a century and can host an impressive number of spectators: over 250,000 seats are permanently available and the capacity is pushed to 400,000 spectators for the 500 mile event. Its specific shape is a regular 2.5 mile oval.

The 500 Mile race quickly became a reference in American motor sports and the configuration of the track and the race of over 800 km punish mechanics, builders and drivers alike, who face a grueling challenge. Although the Europeans had long abandoned this event, they quickly came back in the 60s: Jim Clark's Lotus was the talk of the town and numerous F1 drivers wanted to test themselves on this legendary track.

The Indy Racing League (IRL) was founded in 1996 and created a separation from the Championship (CART), which slightly eroded the popularity of the 500-mile race; in fact, many motor sports fans preferred the NASCAR events. None of that prevented the Brazilian Hélio Castronevès from making a name for himself in the third millennium: he is the most recent person to have won this mythical 500-mile race for the third time.

You can't deny the risk of such an event, as there have been over 50 deaths since the beginning of the race, which takes away some of the beauty, but a passion for sports entails risks that must be faced and lived to the full. For fans, the next race will take place like every year during the weekend before Memorial Day, the last weekend of May, even if it must be remembered that with all the trials, qualifications and Community Day, the total duration of the event covers three full weeks.

Many people come to attend the world's greatest automobile event. £