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2017 Cadillac Escalade, the big luxury SUV by General Motors

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2017 Cadillac Escalade, the big luxury SUV by General Motors

The big boom of the SUV sector instigated by the Japanese in the mid-90s nevertheless began in the USA. In fact, the first SUVs were the Jeep Wagoneer from 1963 and the Ford Bronco in 1966, which really opened the way for this class of vehicle. In the tradition of luxury, the Cadillac division is the flagship of General Motors and in parallel to the GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Suburban it has developed the large format SUV since 1999. Cadillac deployed its full potential in a market in full expansion. 2015 saw the birth of the fourth generation of the Escalade with an even more massive look; new versions were released in 2017: from the standard to the platinum versions, not to mention the luxury and premium luxury collection, the series expanded to satisfy all desires.

A worthy representative of the Cadillac brand, the 2017 Escalade has been carefully groomed in the slightest detail. With clearly assumed bulkiness, the angles outline its imposing presence. The trapezoidal grille with horizontal chrome bars and decorated with the Cadillac badge is simply majestic. The front headlights consist of 5 vertical LED lenses completed with sidelights. This gives the vehicle exceptional visibility even when driving around bends. In the rear, the LEDs light up the entire height on both sides of the trunk for guaranteed safety! The retractable rear window wiper ensures elegance and durability. The standard 22-inch wheels shine with refinement, and include a chrome incrustation for the platinum version.

The current engine is the finest in this segment. In fact, the SUV packs the Ecotec 3, a 6.2 L V8 that benefits from cutting-edge technology such as variable valve timing. Thanks to its direct injection system, it delivers 426 hp. The torque is just as remarkable: 621 Nm, enabling a towing capacity of up to 3765 kg. Since 2014, the 8-speed automatic transmission has won acclaim for its suppleness. The other mechanical asset is the Magnetic Ride Control system that performs 1000 road calculations per second and provides ideal compensation via the interaction of magnetic elements and the modulation of the field for smooth road holding. It's a pity that four-wheel drive is not available for the standard version and you have to add to the already hefty price $85,000 price tag. At $107,305 for the platinum version, a trove of special features will delight purchasers, starting with a more distinguished trim, retractable running boards, a built-in ice box and a specific grille.

The passenger compartment is the height of elegance and originality. The leather work is superbly crafted with hand-made cross-stitching by certified craftsmen. The undeniable comfort goes as far as optional massage (standard for the platinum version). Technology is everywhere: the Cadillac CUE system meets all needs in terms of features, the high-resolution display offers 4 different modes, a wireless charging station, a rearview mirror that includes a screen that provides enhanced visibility and, in addition, a windshield display that presents configurable information. Sixteen quality BOSE speakers create a congenial ambience. Security is heightened by the presence of 7 standard airbags and 360° panoramic vision. Space is the keyword on board: whether for the seating comfort of all the passengers or the storage space, the entire configuration is optimal – even the last row of seats fold away electrically. The Escalade will continue Cadillac's climb to the pinnacle of luxury!