Import US car

Simplicity for the importation of a vehicle from the United States: the Skillter website

The United States is the world's largest automobile market. The idea of importing a car from the USA attracts a large number of drivers who want to be sure to possess a unique vehicle or to benefit from advantageous rates. However, the administrative procedures may hold some people back. All the procedures are facilitated with the help of Skillter.

Importation of US cars: what formalities must be taken into account? To import a vehicle from the USA it is important to comply with the applicable legislation.

This requires, for vehicles under 30 years of age, a technical inspection and compliance before any application for registration. The vehicle must be specifically intended for private use and cannot be considered as a utility vehicle.

You will have to pay customs duty and the applicable VAT, which is a relatively considerable sum to add to the vehicle's purchase price.

Our offers for the importation of US cars

In addition to the ease of finding the vehicle that suits you among all those proposed on our platform (sedans, coupes, convertibles, SUVs, collector cars, limousines, or motorcycles, quads, tractors, etc.), Skillter immediately informs you of whether the vehicle is recent or vintage, as well as its condition and maintenance. Once you have made your choice, a certain number of options are proposed to ensure that the importation of your car from the USA to your home takes place under optimal conditions. Moreover, Skillter calls on the best service providers to guarantee you the best service for the importation of your vehicle from the USA.

The estimate you will receive includes vehicle unloading costs, port taxes and VAT as well as vehicle compliance costs. You pay nothing – Skillter takes care of all the invoices. Moreover, you can follow the shipment of your vehicle from the seller's home to yours.