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Import car United States

How to import a car from the United States?

In order to import a car from the United States, various administrative procedures must be completed to remain in accordance with the law and insure the vehicle in all serenity. Skillter professionals will help you with these procedures by guaranteeing rapidity and security.

Current legislation for importing cars

Importing a car from the United States is now a common transaction but nevertheless requires a few actions to be undertaken by the future owner. The first operation is customs clearance when importing. The custom duties and the VAT must be paid before the vehicle can cross the French borders. The VAT rate retained is the full rate of 20%. Custom duties correspond to approximately 10% of the vehicle’s value. Importing a car from the United States also requires the owner to present the vehicle to a DREAL (Regional Directorate for Environment, Development and Housing) to prove that the vehicle corresponds to French safety regulations and standards. He must then register his car provisionally before receiving the permanent registration. These procedures take place at the Prefecture.

Advantages of going through Skillter

Importing a car from the United States is easier with Skillter. An advisor will help you with all the procedures, notify you and follow your file. All the costs to import a classic car from the USA or a recent iconic model such as the Lincoln Continental 2018 or the Ford Mustang 2019 are known in advance. You obtain a detailed quote specifying each operation.

Whether you want to bring back a sports car, a 4X4 pickup or import a classic car from the USA, you will be aware of all the steps to complete the transaction and enjoy suitable full coverage insurance. Skillter is a French importer who guarantees the vehicle is inspected before shipment and ensures its road or sea transport in the best conditions.

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