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Import an American car

The simplicity of importing a vehicle from the USA: the Skillter website

The United States represents the largest automobile market in the world. The idea of importing a car from the USA attracts many drivers, whether it is to be certain to own a unique car or benefit from preferential prices. However, the administrative procedures can discourage more than one. With Skillter’s help, all procedures are easier.

Import a US car: what formalities must be taken into account? For the importation of a car from the USA it is important to comply with the regulations in force.

The regulations state that, for vehicles less than 30 years old, a vehicle safety inspection and compliance are required before any registration request. The vehicle must be specifically intended for private use and cannot be considered as a utility vehicle.

It is also necessary to pay the customs duties and the current VAT rate, which represents a relatively important sum to be added to the purchase price of the vehicle.

Our offers to import a US car

Besides the ease of finding the right vehicle for you from all those that are proposed on the platform (sedan, coupe, convertible, SUV, classic car, limousine or even a motorcycle, quad, tractor...), with Skillter you will know immediately if the vehicle is recent or old, its condition and maintenance. When you have made your choice, a certain number of options will be proposed to you so that your car is imported from the USA to France in optimum conditions. Furthermore, the best service providers are used by the company to guarantee the best service to import a vehicle from the USA.

The quote which will be presented to you will include the costs to unload the vehicle, the port taxes, the VAT and compliance. You have nothing to pay, Skillter will pay all the bills. You can also follow the journey of your vehicle from its owners home to yours.

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