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Find an American car

You are looking for a specific model and you want to access one of the largest American inventories? Skillter lets you search for your future second hand car, USA import from more than 70 000 ads featuring classic, recent or salvage cars.

A coupe or a convertible, any brand, any year

Relive the greatest American getaways, and also invent your own road trip by buying your 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass, your classic Dodge Challenger or the latest generation Ford Mustang. Experienced US car importer, we give you access to a large selection of brands and iconic models from the last decades. Each American car for sale is evaluated on site before being handled by an experienced transporter with the best insurances. You will be sent the import steps in writing and you can track the vehicle throughout its journey by road or by sea. Skillter will also help you repatriate the vehicle you have found on another website or in the USA. Just give information about the vehicle and your contact details for the import procedure to start.

A pickup or a SUV to become part of a legend...

The finest American pickups, enormous like the GMC Sierra or more traditional like the Chevrolet Silverado, are also on Skillter. As an importer of US cars we list the models which have contributed to creating the American legend. In the same spirit, find the SUV type Jeep Grand Cherokee or Dodge Journey in the foreground of the page dedicated to the website, and discover each of their specific features. The price of each American car for sale is displayed under the photographs. Once your choice made, contact an on-line advisor using the form and allow yourself to be guided. The formalities with the authorities to pay the customs clearance costs or have the vehicle legally registered will be explained to you in detail. You can count on a trustworthy intermediary.

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