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How do you order a vehicle?
Why purchase a vehicle in the United States?
Why choose Skillter?
How do you make substantial savings?
What is the ordering procedure?
What types of services do you offer?

What do you offer in terms of security?
How do you order a vehicle?
An essential player on the automobile market since the early 1990s, we are the pioneers of concierge services devoted to the acquisition and importation of cars from the USA. We have enabled thousands of customers to import their vehicles around the world.

Our range of services offers the security required for the smooth purchase of a car from across the Atlantic, covering all the needs in terms of purchasing, inspection, transport and delivery.

We have painstakingly selected our partners based on their reliability and expertise, even though they remain totally and solely responsible for their services. Our reputation for the importation of American cars is well established and we are recognized for our reliability, availability and professionalism.
Simply select an ad on our platform, choose the formula that best suits your needs, and our team will take care of the supervision of your project for the importation of a car from the USA to Europe under the best conditions.

You can also send us a link or the contact details of a vehicle you have found on another website.
How do you make substantial savings?
Why purchase a vehicle in the United States?
Globalization has revolutionized world trade by opening the doors of a gigantic automobile market. It is possible for you to import a car from the USA and benefit from the widest choice and the best prices. Opt for the American market rather than limiting yourself to local ads.

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to know the real price of a vehicle sold in the United States. So why pay more because of the middlemen when you can buy directly at the seller's price and thus make substantial savings?
The American market is gigantic, enabling you to find models that are hard to come by in Europe. Moreover, collector vehicles often benefit from restoration respecting the standards, notably thanks to a well-supplied spare parts market. Not to mention that most Americans have a passion for automobiles and many of them maintain and restore their vehicles themselves and store them under optimal conditions.

In addition to an incomparable choice, the prices are often more attractive than in Europe, which means that the vehicles rapidly find buyers.
Why choose Skillter?
What is the ordering procedure?
26 years of experience at the service of car enthusiasts around the world is the best guarantee of a purchase under the best conditions.

Our position on the American territory and our close relations with the active players on this market (sellers, experts, transporters, insurers, freight forwarders, etc.), as well as our availability and reactivity, are valued assets.

Finally, price is an important argument during the purchase of an automobile, which is why we are constantly searching for and negotiating the best importation rates from the USA proposed by various partners.
Once you have found the vehicle that suits you

- Pay the logistics fees to block the vehicle with the seller and initiate the process; - Pay the entire price of the vehicle, minus the logistics fees, directly to the seller or via our American partner; - Pay the costs related to land and maritime transport; - Settle the taxes and freight forwarding cost on arrival of the vehicle; You can take delivery of your vehicle at the international port of your country of residence or opt for delivery to your home.

Make sure you have the necessary funds for the entire transaction. Payment of the vehicle must be made within 10 days maximum by bank transfer in US dollars (USD), in order to benefit from the best exchange rate.
What are the payment deadlines?
What means of payment do you accept?
The funds concerning the purchase and importation of a car from the USA must reach the seller within 10 days from the payment of the initial deposit.

Warning: sellers rarely accept to wait more than two weeks, even in the best of cases. By failing to respect these deadlines you risk missing the purchase as the seller may choose a more reactive purchaser. You also risk losing the amounts paid initially and considered as compensation for the seller. No exemption will be made unless explicitly accepted by the seller.
You can settle the purchase and importation of your American car by credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.

To whom do I pay the vehicle purchase price?
Can I pay with my American bank account?
As the vehicle is owned by the seller, you pay them the requested price in dollars. You will have previously paid the logistics and transport costs that have been sent to you by email.
Yes, of course. It is in fact the fastest method to pay for a vehicle as transfers are immediate, as long as the account is properly declared in your country of residence.
Can I pay with several accounts?
Is it possible to make a cash payment?
Yes. However, it is preferable to transfer the funds to a single account, which will enable you to avoid paying the costs related to international transfers several times.
In the United States, you can pay for your vehicle in cash, but first you must settle all concierge and transport costs.

You can also transfer money via Western Union or other money orders. Nevertheless, some sellers may refuse this means of payment. Pay attention to the regulations in your usual country of residence, especially in Europe, where cash payments are regulated.
Are your logistics rates negotiable?
Can I have an invoice to apply for a bank loan?
No, our importation prices for US vehicles are carefully calculated to guarantee the perfect success of each project. We have chosen our customers' greatest satisfaction by offering them high-level services.
Warning! You must previously inform us of this procedure. If the seller accepts to establish a proforma invoice, they will want to receive the funds within ten days. If they require the payment of a deposit, it must be paid to them previously. The payment of this deposit has the value of an order, therefore if your loan is not accepted, you risk losing the deposit as compensation for the seller.
I have seen a vehicle on another website, but the American seller proposes their services for the importation. What should I do?
I have seen a vehicle on another website. What should I do?
We recommend you remain vigilant, as you risk falling into the hands of a dishonest seller on the internet. Beware of offers that are too attractive because sellers or importers frequently only reveal the total costs related to importation after you have paid for the vehicle. By going through our company, you will know beforehand the total costs related to the proper importation of your vehicle.
We suggest you see the importation section to send us the link, the references to the ad in question and any other useful information concerning its location as soon as possible in order to guarantee your chances. Our teams will accompany you to export your vehicle under the best conditions.
Can I choose an ad from a private individual?
Can logistics rates be modified during shipping?
Vehicles advertised by private individuals often benefit from more competitive prices than those presented by professionals. Nevertheless, keep in mind that buying from a professional may offer you certain extra guarantees regarding quality. Indeed, professionals must respect their obligations and sustain their reputations, which tends to reduce the risks. Whatever you choose, we recommend you call on the services of an independent automobile expert before committing yourself to the importation of an American car.
No, the importation price of cars from the USA corresponds to the price that has been communicated to you beforehand, excluding certain cases of force majeure or political crises.
Can I oppose my payment by credit card?
I have observed differences in the prices of vehicles that appear to be similar. Why?
You cannot block a credit card payment unless you are able to prove that it is a question of fraud or theft.
It depends on the condition of the vehicle and its rareness. Vintage vehicles may be proposed in their original condition, for restoration, restored, or in "competition" condition. Above all, the quality of a vehicle depends on the budget reserved for it. That is why we systematically propose mandating an automobile expert for you in order to inspect the vehicle before finalizing the purchase. An inspection report will be sent to you within 72 hours, accompanied by photos and, if necessary, videos.
How can I be sure not to pay too much for the importation of my American car?
How can I know the total cost for my importation?
You are free to compare among the different players in the sector. We have chosen transparency, so the prices of the vehicles correspond to the prices set by their sellers. We have negotiated our logistics and importation costs for cars from the USA with the best transport companies. Our company works in close collaboration with all the service providers necessary for the transport of your vehicle. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that each operator is independent, that we are in no way subordinate to them, and that they alone assume the entire responsibility for their operation. For this reason, we enable you to purchase a vehicle in the USA and have it delivered to you under what we believe are the best conditions possible.
It's very simple – via our platform you can obtain detailed estimates that enable you to better understand the costs related to your project for the importation of an American car... Please keep in mind that given the fluctuations among different currencies, the costs announced my vary from day to day. It's up to you to check these fluctuations. We recommend you reserve a margin of security.
I have found a vehicle, but I will not have the funds available within 10 days. What should I do?
What is the procedure for the importation of an American car in a container?
With a population of 325 million, vehicles in the USA sell within a few days or even within a few hours. So it is best to contact us when you have all the funds available to enable you to complete the purchase. Believe us, there is no lack of good deals available.
You have nothing to do, our platform will contact the American forwarder that is closest to the location of the vehicle in order to reduce land transport costs. This professional will have previously received the vehicle purchase invoice as well as the administrative documents that enable its proper exportation. Warning! The value to declare to customs is the one mentioned on your purchase invoice. No reduction of any type can be requested.
How can I benefit from home delivery?
Which port will my vehicle leave from?
If you do not want to go to the port personally, our agent will offer you the best rate for delivery to your home or to the place of your choice. You can also be represented by another person or a professional. To do so, simply give them legal proxy and they can go to the forwarder's office with their identity document.
It depends on the location of the vehicle and the chosen port of arrival. In most cases of importation of American vehicles, they are transported to the nearest American port. The main ports from which your vehicle is likely to leave are the following: for California = Long Beach and San Francisco. Houston, Texas. Port of New York and New Jersey. Miami, Florida and Jacksonville for "Ro-Ro" (roll-on/roll-off) transport, i.e. with no container.
Which port of arrival should I select?
How much does shipping cost from the USA to Switzerland?
If you live in France, the vehicle will arrive in Le Havre. If you live in Belgium, Switzerland or Luxemburg, the port of arrival will be Antwerp or Rotterdam. It is also possible to import the car into Germany, Spain, Italy and all European countries. You can choose the destination to suit your needs. We export around the world, including to the French West Indies, Australia, New Caledonia, and many other destinations.
The easiest way is first to have the vehicle forwarded to Le Havre and then to transfer it to our agent in Switzerland (Lausanne or Zurich by private transport). You will have to pay the taxes to the freight forwarder that takes charge of customs clearance for your vehicle. For your information, VAT in Switzerland is 7.7%.
What are the costs of land transport in the USA?
How must does shipping cost from the east coast of the USA to Western Europe?
These rates are given for information only and have no contract value. In fact, the cost of importing your car from the USA essentially depends on the location of the seller as well as the port of departure.

Count on around $350 for a 50-mile perimeter. Beyond that, it will be invoiced at $2.00 per mile.
The rate generally observed for shared container transport:

- $1,150 from the east coast to Europe
- $1,650 from the west coast to Europe
How must does shipping cost from the west coast of the USA to Oceania?
How must does shipping cost from the USA to Reunion Island, Guadeloupe or Martinique?
Allow $3,650 for a 20-foot container and $5,480 for a 40-foot container. The time required to import a car from the USA is 45 days once the ship is at sea. The easiest way is first to have the vehicle forwarded to Le Havre and then have it shipped to the overseas destination of your choice.
The easiest way is first to have the vehicle forwarded to Le Havre and then have it shipped to the overseas destination of your choice. For example: Consolidated transport from Le Havre to Martinique costs around $1,450, depending on the maritime shipping company.
What is covered by maritime insurance?
Must I insure my vehicle when I come to take delivery of it?
The insurance policy covers all damage that may be caused during transport by fire or theft, but also the dents, scratches and other apparent damage that occur during transport, as well as the total loss of the vehicle. A $1000 deductible is systematically applied in case of damage during the importation of an American car.
Absolutely! You must have an insurance certificate to cover your transport. You can subscribe to temporary insurance from the customs service.
Are there any warranties for vehicles purchased overseas?
Can you take charge of the certification of my vehicle?
Most collector vehicles are not under warranty. Recent vehicles benefit from a warranty that is applicable on US territory, but may no longer apply once the vehicle has left the USA.
Vehicle certification often implies bringing the vehicle into compliance with local standards. We can recommend competent professionals. You are free to carry out your own research to locate a specialist near you. In France, a certificate of historic interest for vehicles over 30 years old is sufficient and exempts the vehicle from Department of Transport approval.
Who takes care of customs clearance for my vehicle?
Are there any taxes to pay on a new vehicle?
You have nothing to do – a freight forwarder will take care of customs clearance for you. You can obviously take care of the administrative procedures yourself. Nonetheless, the formalities concerning the importation of an American vehicle are complex.
If the vehicle is new and not registered, you must carry out this first step with the American Department of Motor Vehicles. VAT is 9.2%. Add around 2% to obtain the title and license plates.
What taxes and costs must I pay when my vehicle arrives in France?
How can I find out the exact amount of taxes in force in my country of residence?
Each estimate mentions the global costs and taxes related to the importation of a car from the USA depending on the country of delivery.
The taxes mentioned on our estimates are for information only and are not binding. The best way to know the applicable taxes in your country is to contact the customs services of your region or those of the port nearest your home.
What taxes must I pay when my vehicle arrives in Belgium or the Netherlands?
What taxes must I pay when my vehicle arrives in the French West Indies?
If you live in Belgium, it is recommended to clear your vehicle through customs in Rotterdam and then have it delivered to your home. This gives you a tax reduction on arrival. In Rotterdam, a collector vehicle over 30 years of age is subject to 6% VAT and is exempt from customs duty. This taxation does not apply to replicas. As they are not considered to be historic vehicles, the tax to apply in this case is 21% VAT and 10% customs duty.
In this case, VAT is 8%. To this must be added the "octroi de mer" which corresponds to 28% of the price of the vehicle or of the value determined by the tax office.
What costs must I pay on arrival if I order a vehicle through you?
I have received the vehicle but some documents are missing.
On arrival, VAT, customs duty, as well as shipping costs are to be paid to the freight forwarder. In certain rare cases, it is possible that an unannounced customs inspection is made on the container holding your American vehicle. Certain fees apply in this specific case. Nevertheless, these are shared among the different owners of the vehicles loaded inside the container in question.
The documents are generally transferred quickly and securely to the freight forwarder, who must have them available for customs clearance. These documents will be given to you by the forwarder once the vehicle has cleared customs and you have settled the costs.
I have lost my vehicle documents. What should I do?
During my trip to the United States, I paid a deposit to a seller. Can you help me finalize the transaction?
We recommend you contact the freight forwarder in charge of customs clearance, who will be able to provide you with a duplicate.
Yes. Simply provide us with the seller's full contact details in the section in question and settle our concierge service. An adviser will contact you within 24 hours for the importation of your vehicle from the USA.
I have taken out insurance and my vehicle has been damaged during transport. How do I claim for it?
What types of services do you offer?
Everything will be done to ensure that the damage is covered by the insurer. Remember to express your reservations at the time of taking delivery of the vehicle. Also take an ample number of photographs to attach to your file. Have the freight forwarder that cleared your vehicle through customs acknowledge the damage.
Generally speaking, all the services that enable us to meet your needs for the acquisition and importation of your new, pre-owned or collector vehicle.
I own a vehicle in the USA and want to import it. What is the procedure?
I have seen a vehicle during a trip to the United States. Can you take charge of the logistics?
We recommend you go to the importation of vehicles from the USA section to send us the references of the ad in question and any other information useful for its localization. Then select the options that suit you and confirm the order. Our teams will accompany you for the exportation of your vehicle under the best conditions.
Yes. Simply provide us with the seller's full contact details in the section in question and settle our concierge service. An adviser will contact you within 24 hours for the importation of your vehicle from the USA.
I don't speak English. Can you help me translate the ad I'm interested in?
I have purchased a vehicle myself in the USA. Can you take care of its importation?
You can have the ad for the sale and importation of an American car translated by our services on the details page.
Yes. Simply provide us with the seller's full contact details in the section in question and settle our concierge service. An adviser will contact you within 24 hours for the importation of your vehicle from the USA.
Do you save communications?
How can you offer such attractive prices?
Yes, all the conversations are recorded and saved. In case of a dispute, our lawyer will consult these and add them to the file for the needs of the case. This enables us to keep away fraudsters.
The prices for the importation of cars from the USA are calculated as fairly as possible and are based on the large volumes of vehicles that we handle. This enables us to obtain the best prices from the various service providers and to pass these along to you.
I have selected a vehicle, but it seems to have been sold already. Why?
I have the seller's contact details. Can I order without going through you?
Certain vehicles sell within one day or even within the hour. In any case, if you have already paid for our service, this money is not lost as it will obviously be set aside for another project. This enables you to avoid bank delays if you want to purchase and import an American car and reserve it immediately.
Absolutely. Nevertheless, you should know that we apply no commercial margin to the vehicles. We exclusively take care of the supervision of the purchase and importation of American vehicles through selected freight forwarders, as well as various administrative formalities. That is why we are able to offer a complete service at attractive rates while guaranteeing an optimum level of security. Protect yourself from the risks of importing a vehicle by trusting our company – we have enabled over 10,000 customers to export their vehicles around the world.
What can I do if I'm not happy with the vehicle?
Do the rates in your estimates vary according to the type of vehicle?
If a deposit has been paid to the seller, it will probably not be refundable, unless you approach them directly and successfully. Warning: the quality of the vehicle depends on several criteria. First of all, it is related to the budget allocated for this investment. When you purchase a vehicle in a low price bracket, you should be aware that its quality may not be the same as for a vehicle in a higher price range. Moreover, for pre-owned and collector vehicles, factors like age, mileage, and the location of the car will have an impact on its intrinsic quality. If you wish to purchase and import an American car in very good or excellent state of preservation and/or restoration, you will have to provide for a more substantial investment that is closer to market reality.
Yes, the price of the importation of a car from the USA may vary according to the size. For example, an "over-size" limousine or tractor may require a subsequent price adjustment.

Prices are mentioned for indicative purposes and correspond to a "normal" size vehicle. A special size or modifications made to a vehicle may have an effect on the prices proposed by the shipping company.
Can you tell me more about the extra options?
I would like to bid but I don't know the prices on the American market.
Consult us to find out more about the cost of your importation according to the chosen destination. The price is quoted "all taxes included" for French, Belgian and Dutch residents. For other destinations, prices are "tax exclusive".

You can choose additional options. The purpose of this free estimate is to inform you about the costs you will have to pay to our American partner when you confirm your order.

Certain additional options related to the importation of an American car, such as the certification of vehicles under 30 years of age, mechanical warranty (3 to 24 months), home delivery, or the registration of a collector vehicle, are to be paid to our partner, who will contact you on the arrival of your vehicle.

You can obviously work with any other service provider of your choice for the approval of your vehicle as well as for the subscription to a mechanical warranty or to handle the request for a collector car certificate.
The most important thing is to determine your own budget. We recommend you browse the ads for immediate purchase to assess the current market. An adviser will be happy to discuss this with you on simple request.
If my bid is higher than the final price, how much will I have to pay?
Can I bid progressively by increments?
If your bid is over the final bidding price, then you will only pay the final amount of the sale.
Bear in mind that you are never alone to bid on a vehicle. You risk increasing the amount of bids much too early and thus potentially increasing the final price. If you are interested in an auctioned vehicle, enter your maximum bid and our teams will ensure you obtain the best price.
I have made a bid but the car has not sold. Why?
Can I make an offer before the end of bidding?
It is frequent for sellers to set what is known as a "reserve price", which is a limit under which the vehicle will not be sold.
It is sometimes possible to make a purchase offer before the end of bidding. Our advisers will help you with this subject.
I would like to know more about the vehicle before bidding. How do I go about it?
Why must I pay $1000 to bid?
You can ask a question directly on the page of the vehicle in question and an adviser will call within a few hours to answer you.
We systematically request an advance on logistics fees of €1000 in order to ensure that bidders are in earnest. This commitment enables us to hold the vehicle with the seller and to pay a deposit when the seller requires it. It is rare for a seller to accept to wait for a final payment, which is subject to bank delays, without the prior payment of a deposit.
I have bid and won the auction but I would like to withdraw. It that possible?
I would like to bid but I want to finance my purchase. Is that possible?
Be careful: It is not a game and the act of bidding is a commitment. Before bidding, take the time to think and ensure yourself that the funds you are prepared to bid are in fact available. In case of a withdrawal, compensation between €500 and €2000 will be claimed against you.
Of course! Nevertheless, before bidding make sure you have a written loan agreement from your bank. Keep in mind that the period to pay for a vehicle is 10 days at the most.
I must sell my vehicle to be able to pay for the car I have won during the auction. How should I go about it?
How do auctions without a reserve price work?
Warning! Do not bid if you do not have the necessary funds available. You risk losing €1000 in earnest money as compensation.
It simply means there is no minimum price. The highest bidder wins the sale regardless of the final price.

For example: if the current bid is $15,500 and you make a bid for $16,350 you win the auction unless someone bids $17,500 at the last minute, in which case you lose.
How do auctions with a reserve price work?
If I lose the auction or if the reserve price is not reached, what happens to the €1000 in earnest money that I paid?
An auction with a reserve price means that the seller has set a minimum price below which they do not wish to sell. Once the reserve price has been reached, the highest bidder wins the auction. For example: the current bid is $15,500 and you make a bid for $16,350. If nobody makes a higher bid, you win the auction. However, if another person bids $16,450, you lose the auction.
You can use this sum again to bid for another vehicle of your choice or to position yourself for another vehicle for immediate purchase. Otherwise, the sums can be reimbursed within 72 hours on written request.
What happens when I win an auction?
This is the first time I have bought a vehicle in an auction. Can you advise me and provide support during the purchase?
I have seen a vehicle during a trip to the United States. Can you take charge of the logistics?
Absolutely, our main objective is to represent the interests of our customers for the acquisition of automobiles. Our team of automobile enthusiasts is available to help you better understand your purchase by answering your questions and providing valuable advice concerning the vehicle(s) you are interested in.