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Skillter is a service company that allows its users to buy and import a vehicle directly from American sellers. Our website provides access to the best prices proposed by freight forwarders. 

Skillter is not a car dealer. Skillter proposes services to import cars from the USA, and improve the contact between buyers, sellers and shipping companies.

Through the skillter.com platform, access thousands of ads with vehicles available for export: Cars, Motorcycles, trikes, Limousines, Quads, Buggies, Limousines, Tractors… All information provided by sellers will be made available to you in a few clicks, allowing you to identify the vehicle before starting the repatriation process.

Major player in the automobile market since the beginning of the 1990’s, we are one of the leaders of concierge services dedicated to the purchase and import of cars from the USA. We have allowed thousands of customers to import their vehicle throughout the world.

Our range of services offer the security required to successfully buy a car across the Atlantic, covering all requirements in terms of purchase, inspection, transport and delivery.

The partners we have carefully selected have been chosen for their seriousness and their expertise even though they remain fully and solely responsible for their services. Our reputation for the import of American cars is well established, we are recognized for our seriousness, our availability and our professionalism. 

You just need to select an ad on our platform, and choose the package adapted to your needs, our teams will be in charge of overseeing your project to import a car from the USA to France, in the best conditions.

You can also send us a link or the contact details for a vehicle you have found on another ads website.

Globalization has revolutionized international trade by opening the doors of a huge automobile market. To take advantage of a greater choice and the best prices to import a car from the USA, the market is open to you. Opt for the American market rather than limiting yourself to local ads.

Thanks to Internet, it is easy to know what is the real cost of a vehicle sold in the United States. So, why pay more due to several middlemen when you can buy directly at the price asked for by the seller and as such, make substantial savings?

The American market offers a huge fleet of vehicles allowing you to find models rarely found in Europe. Also, classic vehicles are often restored in compliance with standards, mainly thanks to a spare parts market which is particularly well stocked. Not to mention that most Americans are real car enthusiasts and many of them maintain and restore their vehicle themselves and store them in optimum conditions.

Besides an outstanding choice, prices are often more advantageous than in Europe, which implies that vehicles don’t wait long to find buyers.

25 years of experience serving motorists throughout the world is the best guarantee of a successful purchase in the best conditions.

Our positioning on the American territory and our close relationship with active players in this market (Sellers, Experts, Transporters, Insurers, Freight Forwarders, etc.), as well as our availability and our reactiveness are key strengths.

Finally, price is an important argument when buying a car, this is why, we are constantly searching for and negotiating the prices for USA car imports, to obtain the most advantageous proposed by different partners.

Once you have found the right vehicle for you

- Proceed to pay the logistic costs to hold the vehicle with the seller and start the process; - Pay the price of the vehicle in full, less the logistic costs, directly to the seller or via our American partner; - Pay land and sea transport related costs; - Pay the taxes and freight forwarder costs when the vehicle arrives; You can collect your vehicle at the international port in your country of residence or opt for a home delivery.

Make sure that you have the funds required to pay the whole transaction. Payment of the vehicle must be made within 10 days maximum, by bank transfer in American dollars (USD) so that you get the best exchange rate.

Funds covering the purchase and import of a car from the USA must reach the seller within 10 days after payment of the initial deposit.

Warning, sellers rarely accept to wait for more than 2 weeks, and this in the best scenarios. By not respecting these deadlines, you risk losing the vehicle, the seller may choose a more reactive buyer, you also risk losing the previously paid amount, as compensation. No specific derogation can be tolerated other than with the express acceptance of the seller.

You can pay for the purchase and import of your American car by credit card, PayPal and by bank transfer.

The vehicle belongs to the seller, you will pay him the asking price in dollars. You have previously paid the logistics and transport costs which have been sent to you by email. 

Yes of course, it is the quickest way to pay for a vehicle, the transfers are immediate. As long as this account is declared in your usual country of residence.

Yes, however it is preferable that you transfer the funds to one account, this avoids having to pay international transfer costs several times.

In the United States you can pay for your vehicle in cash, but first you must pay concierge and transport costs

You can also make transfers through the Western Union or other postal money orders. However, it is possible that some sellers refuse this type of payment. Pay attention to regulations in your usual country of residence, especially in Europe where cash payments are regulated.

No, our prices to import a car from the USA are calculated fairly to guarantee that each project is successful. We choose the complete satisfaction of our clients by providing them with high standard services.

Warning! You must inform us about this procedure beforehand. Insofar as the seller accepts to issue a Proforma invoice, he would like to receive the funds within 10 days. If he wishes payment of a deposit, this must be paid to him beforehand. Payment of a deposit has order value, however in the event your credit is not accepted, you take the risk of losing this deposit as compensation.

We advise you to remain vigilant, there are not only honest people on internet, you can come across an unscrupulous seller. Ads that are too attractive should be a warning since it is common that sellers or importers do not reveal all the costs associated with importing until you have already paid for the vehicle. By going through our company, you will know all the costs associated with the importation of your vehicle in advance.

We encourage you to visit the import section to send us the link, the references for the ad concerned and any other useful information to locate it, as soon as possible to put the odds in your favor. Our teams will assist you to export your vehicle in the best conditions.

Vehicles advertised by private individuals often have more competitive prices than those presented by professionals. However, keep in mind that buying from a professional can offer certain additional guarantees on its quality. Indeed, professionals have obligations that must be met and a reputation to sustain, which tends to reduce the risks. In any case, we recommend you use the services of an independent automobile export before committing to the import of an American car.

No, the prices to import cars from the USA correspond to the prices sent to you beforehand, except in cases of force majeure or political crisis.

You cannot stop a payment by credit card unless you can prove that it is a theft or fraud.

This depends on the state of the vehicle and its rareness. Vintage cars can be proposed in an original condition, to be restored, restored or in "competition" condition. Above all, the quality of a vehicle depends on the allocated budget. This is why we systematically propose to assign an automobile expert to inspect the vehicle for you, before completing the purchase. An inspection report will be sent to you within 72 hours, along with photos and if necessary, videos.

It is up to you to make a comparison between the different players in the sector. We have chosen to be transparent, the price of vehicles correspond to those defined by the sellers. Our logistic costs to import cars from America that we have negotiated with the best transport companies. Our company works closely with all the service providers required to deliver your vehicle. However, it should be noted that each party is independent, that we have no subordination relationship and that they bear the sole responsibility for their intervention. Hence, we allow you to buy a vehicle in the United States and have it delivered, in what seems to be the best possible conditions.

It is easy via our platform, you can obtain detailed quotes to give you a better understanding of costs associated with your project to import an American car... Please keep in mind, that given the monetary fluctuations between currencies, the costs announced can vary daily. It is up to you to check these fluctuations. We recommend that you always have some leeway.

With 325 million Americans, vehicles are sold within a few days or even within a few hours. Therefore, it is better to contact us as soon as you have all the money required to complete this purchase. Rest assured, there is no shortage of bargains.

You don’t have to do anything, our platform will contact the American freight forwarder closest to where the vehicle is in order to reduce land transport costs. This professional will have received the purchase invoice for the vehicle beforehand as well as all the administrative documents for its exportation. Warning! The value to be declared at customs is the one mentioned on the purchase invoice. No reduction, of any kind, can be requested.

If you don’t wish to go to the port, our agent will propose the best price to deliver the vehicle to your home or to a location of your choice. You can also be represented by a relative or a professional, for this you just need to give him power of attorney, and he then reports to the freight forwarder’s office with proof of identity.

Everything depends on where the vehicle is located and the port chosen for its arrival. In most cases, for the import of American cars, they are transported to the closest American port. The main American ports where your vehicle is likely to go to sea are as follows: for California = Long Beach and San Francisco. Houston in Texas. New York in the New Jersey. Miami in Florida and Jacksonville for Ro-ro" (Roll-on/roll-off) departures, i.e. without a container.

If you live in France, the vehicle will arrive at Le Havre, if you live in Belgium, Switzerland or Luxembourg, the arrival port will be Anvers or Rotterdam. You can choose this destination at your convenience, we export throughout the world, including to the West Indies, Australia, New Caledonia and many other destinations.

The most obvious way is to first ship the vehicle to Le Havre, then transfer it to our agent in Switzerland (Lausanne or Zurich by a private transporter), you will pay the taxes to the freight forwarder who will handle the customs clearance of your vehicle. For information, VAT in Switzerland is 7.7%.

These rates are given for information purposes only, and have no contractual value. Indeed, the cost of importing a car from the USA mainly depends on the seller’s location and the departure port. 

Count $ 350 pour un périmètre de 50 miles. Au delà, il vous sera facturé $ 2,00 par mile. 

Price generally found for transport in a shared container: 

-  $ 1.150 de la cote Est vers l’Europe 
-  $ 1.650 de la cote West vers l’Europe

Count the $ 3.650 pour un container de 20 pieds à $ 5.480 pour un container 40 pieds. Le délai d’importation d’une voiture depuis les USA est de 45 jours une fois le bateau en mer.  La méthode la plus évidente est de faire transiter, dans un premier temps, le véhicule vers le Havre et d’ensuite de l’affréter vers la destination outremer de votre choix.

The most obvious way is to first ship the vehicle to Le Havre, and then a charter to the overseas destination of your choice. Example: Grouped transport from Le Havre to Martinique costs approximately 1450€ depending on the shipping companies

The insurance policy covers all damage caused during the transport by fire or theft, but also any bumps, scratches or other obvious damage which has occurred during transport as well as the total loss of the vehicle. A deductable of $ 1.000 s’applique systématiquement en cas de dommage lors de l’import de la voiture américaine.

Absolutely! You must have an insurance certificate to cover your trip. You can also subscribe to a temporary insurance with the customs services.

The majority of classic vehicles are not guaranteed. As for recent vehicles, they benefit from an effective guarantee on American soil. As soon as the vehicle leaves the USA, the guarantees may no longer apply.

The homologation of vehicles often involves achieving compliance. We can refer you to qualified professionals. You are also free to search for a specialist near you. In France, for vehicles over 30 years old, a certificate of historic interest is enough and avoids having to go through the Department of Transport approval tests.

You have nothing to do, a freight forwarder will look after all the customs clearance procedures. Obviously, you have the possibility of carrying out the administrative procedures yourself. Incidentally, these formalities pertaining to the import of an American vehicle remain complex.

If the vehicle is new and not registered, the first steps must be taken with the American Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Vat rate is 9.2% plus approximately 2% to obtain the car registration certificate (title) and the registration plates.

On each quote, the costs and taxes relating to importing a vehicle from the USA are mentioned, as a whole, depending on the destination country.

The taxes mentioned on our quote are examples and non-contractual. The best way to be aware of the taxes in force in your country is to contact the customs service in your region or that of the port closest to you home.

If you live in Belgium, it is recommended that your vehicle clears customs at Rotterdam and you then have it delivered to your home. This allows tax reductions at its arrival. At Rotterdam, a classic car which is over 30 years old is subject to a VAT rate of 6% and is exonerated from custom duties. This taxation does not apply to replicas. Not considered to be a historic vehicle, the tax rate to be applied in this case is 21% VAT and 10% customs duties.

In this case, the VAT rate is 8%. To which dock dues must be added which corresponds to 28% (of the price of the vehicle or the value determined by the tax services)

Upon arrival, it is the customs clearance costs and the freight costs which must be paid to the freight forwarder. In some rare cases, it is possible that an unannounced customs check is made on the container used to import your American vehicle. In this specific case, fees are applied. Nevertheless, they are shared between the different owners of the vehicles loaded inside the said container.

The documents are usually communicated in an express and secure way to the freight forwarder who must have them in his possession to clear customs. These documents will be given to you by the freight forwarder once the vehicle has cleared customs and you are up to date with your payments.

Please contact the freight forwarder in charge of customs clearance, he will be able to provide you with a duplicate.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the claim is covered by the insurer. Don’t forget to make reservations at the delivery of the vehicle. Also take a maximum number of photos and attach them to your file. Have the damage noted by the freight forwarder who is in charge of the customs clearance of your vehicle.

In general, all services allowing us to satisfy your needs within the framework of the purchase and import of your new, second hand or classic American car.

We encourage you to visit the section on how to import cars from the USA to send us the references of the ad concerned or any other useful information to locate it. Then select the right options for you and validate the order. Our teams will assist you to export your vehicle in the best conditions.

Yes, you just need to send us the seller’s full contact details in the appropriate section and pay our concierge service, following which an advisor will contact you within 24 hours to import your vehicle from the USA.

Yes, you just need to send us the seller’s full contact details in the appropriate section and pay our concierge service, following which an advisor will contact you within 24 hours to import your vehicle from the USA.

In the detail page, you have the possibility to have a sales ad translated and import an American car using our services.

Yes, you just need to send us the seller’s full contact details in the appropriate section and pay our concierge service, following which an advisor will contact you within 24 hours to import your vehicle from the USA.

Yes, all conversations are recorded and archived. In the event of a dispute, our lawyer will review them and add them to the file for the needs of the case. This allows us to keep fraudsters away.

the prices to import a car from the USA are calculated to a minimum and are based on the large volumes we handle. This allows us to obtain the best rates with the different service providers and let you benefit from them.

Some cars are sold within a day or even an hour. In any case, if you have already paid our service, this money is not lost, it will of course, be reserved for another project. This will allow you avoid bank delays if you want to position yourself on the purchase, import an American car and reserve it immediately.

Absolutely. Nevertheless, be aware that we do not apply a sales margin on vehicles. We only handle the management of the purchase, the import of American cars through selected freight forwarders and various administrative formalities. As such, we are able to provide a full range of services at attractive prices while guaranteeing you a high level of security. Protect yourself from risks related to the importation of a vehicle by trusting our company. With us, over 10,000 clients have exported their vehicles throughout the world.

If a deposit was paid to the seller, it will probably not be reimbursed, unless steps taken directly with him are successful. Warning: The quality of the vehicle depends on several criteria. First of all, it is related to the budget allocated to this investment. When you buy a vehicle in a low price bracket, you must be aware that its quality cannot match that of a vehicle at a higher price. Furthermore, for second hand and classic vehicles, factors such as the age, mileage and the vehicle’s place of residence will have an impact on its intrinsic quality. If you want to purchase and import an American car in very good or excellent state of preservation and / or restoration, then you must consider a more subsequent investment, closer to the market reality.

Yes, the price to import a car from the USA can vary depending on the size. For example, a limousine or a tractor with "non-standard" sizes may require a retroactive price adjustment.

Prices are given for information purposes only and correspond to a "normal" sized vehicle. A specific size or modifications made to a vehicle can have an impact on the rates proposed by the shipping company.

Please consult us to find out the cost of your import depending on the final destination. The price is given "Inclusive of all Taxes" for French, Belgian and Dutch residents. For other destinations, the price is given "Excluding Taxes".

You have the possibility of choosing additional options. The purpose of this free quote is to inform you about the costs you will have to pay our American partner as soon as you validate your order.

Certain additional options, associated with importing an American car, such as the homologation of vehicles less than 30 years old, the mechanical warranty (3 to 24 months), home delivery or the registration of a classic car will be paid to our partner who will contact you when the vehicle arrives.

Certain additional options, associated with importing an American car, such as the homologation of vehicles less than 30 years old, the mechanical warranty (3 to 24 months), home delivery or the registration of a classic car will be paid to our partner who will contact you when the vehicle arrives.

You have, of course, the possibility of working with any other service provider of your choice for the homologation of your vehicle as well as subscribing to a mechanical warranty or even requesting the classic car certificate.

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