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porsche 912 Ads

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Find the Porsche of your dreams in the United States
On our website, we propose many car models. Porsche ranks amongst the most popular cars. Importer of Porsche cars from the USA for years, we will help you with all your searches and with the organization to import your Porsche from the USA to your home.

A large selection of Porsche vehicles to satisfy your desires
A car for each driver. Cayenne, Macan, Cayman, Panamera, 911, 356… we list all serious ads for Porsche cars put up for sale. There is inevitably a sports car that corresponds to your character and driving style. We allow you to access the heart of the American market, while staying at home. Specialized in the import of Porsche vehicles from the USA, we study all of these publications and we make sure they are serious. All you need to do is find the car of your dreams. We will look after the rest.

Importing a Porsche from the USA becomes just as simple as a click
Working with Skillter, importer of Porsche vehicles from the USA, means working with a team whose mission is to help future car owners make contact with American sellers for the purchase and shipping companies to import the Porsche from the USA. For the latter point, the Skillter team manages the entire repatriation process. We get in touch with the nearest freight forwarder, we provide all the documents required to import the Porsche. From the USA to your home, or any other location, your car will arrive as quickly as possible.

Your Porsche is imported from the USA at the best price.
With Skillter, your Porsche is imported from the USA at the fairest price and in a transparent way. We negotiate, with the different professionals and land and sea transport companies, competitive prices. Importer of Porsche cars from the USA for several years, we are recognized by our transatlantic peers, this is why we can negotiate so well and propose attractive prices. All transactions are secured.

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image of  2018
  • Manual
  • 9 225 km
image of Panamera 2015
  • Automatic
  • 56 933 km
image of 944 1986
  • Manual
  • 145 775 km
image of Cayman 2014
  • Automatic
  • 81 309 km
image of 911 1996
  • Manual
  • 137 393 km
image of Cayenne 2016
  • Automatic
  • 50 791 km
image of 911 2011
  • Automatic
  • 53 053 km
image of 911 2003
  • Manual
  • 53 947 km
image of 356 1960
  • Manual
  • 999 999 km
image of Cayenne 2010
  • Automatic
  • 167 372 km
image of 911 2001
  • Manual
  • 131 663 km
image of 911 2006
  • 5-speed Tiptronic S
  • 166 791 km
image of Boxster 2014
  • Automatic
  • 6 990 km
image of 911 2008
  • Manual
  • 85 719 km
image of 911 2019
  • Automatic
  • 229 km
image of Cayman 2006
  • Automatic
  • 118 735 km
image of Macan 2015
  • Automatic
  • 64 373 km
image of 911 1977
  • Manual
  • 43 253 km
image of 911 2002
  • Automatic
  • 173 810 km

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