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Import a Ford Mustang from the USA
Ah, the American dream! What is more representative than a super Ford Mustang to make your dream come true? Vintage or new generation, USA Ford Mustangs make many fans of high powered engines dream. And you? Have you always wanted to own one? Do you secretly hope to find a fast and easy way to buy one? At Skillter, Mustang importer renowned for its efficiency, the entire team is at your disposal so that you can enjoy the American experience.

Why choose a Ford Mustang?
The Ford Mustang and America are inseparable. Effectively, in the USA, the Ford Mustang represents long trips on route 66, in California. The promise of a carefree road trip. If you are looking for a car with character, with appeal and a retro look, then you can turn to a second hand American Mustang. Coupe or convertible, you will leave for long trips with a slight Californian taste. If you like sportier lines, making your engine roar and revving up, take a look at our more recent models. Red, black or electric blue, you will make all classic car fans jealous.

Why trust the Skillter team?
Importing Ford Mustangs is our job. Why? To guarantee you authentic and reliable cars at the best price. Our aim? That you find the vehicle of your dreams to drive on roads throughout the world without impacting your wallet. Our expertise and know-how are worthy of your trust. Furthermore, we propose a wide selection of Ford Mustangs for import. This will allow you find the Ford Mustang you have been waiting for and have always dreamt of.

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