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Numerous ads with vintage cars to be restored
You like beautiful cars, particularly the oldest ones and fine mechanics? What about buying a classic car to restore. To do this, take into account the general condition of the vehicle, the bodywork, the price of parts to be bought and estimate the number of hours it will take you to give it a second life. If the purchase price of a classic car is a key point, the most important, is the estimation of the budget required to restore the vehicle.
If you are determined, you only have to do business with Skillter, the expert in the sale of vintage cars to be restored. Discover the different vehicle ads, assess their condition, and turn to the vintage car that suits you best. With us, you will be spoiled for choice. Don’t hesitate to contact us to obtain more information. It is a real challenge to restore a classic car yourself. And, what a pleasure to be able to say that you are driving a car, which to a certain extent, you made.

In just a few clicks, order a classic car to be restored
Contacting Skillter to purchase a classic car to be restored, is to have the guarantee of the highest quality of service. On our on-line platform, we give you the possibility to order and repatriate your vehicle, with no middleman, and this in a secure way. Another advantage, for the sale of classic cars to be restored, our prices are quite simply the best on the market. Checks before buying, international logistics, customs clearance, etc. we have thought of everything so that your new purchase abroad is completed quickly. To buy your vintage car to be restored, place your trust in Skillter, given that you benefit from assistance throughout the purchasing process.
Consult our ads selling vintage cars. Our files complete with photos and specific information such as the year, the mileage, the gear box, among other things, gives you the possibility to easily compare the models. Request a quote for your classic car to be restored. This procedure is free, with no obligation to buy.

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image of F-150 2016
  • Automatic
  • 76 697 km
image of CTS 2015
  • Automatic
  • 82 405 km
image of Mustang 2012
  • Automatic
  • 124 548 km
image of Pacifica 2017
  • Automatic
  • 46 007 km
image of Traverse 2016
  • Automatic
  • 32 857 km
image of QX60 2018
  • Automatic
  • 19 955 km
image of 200 Series 2015
  • Automatic
  • 116 123 km
image of Acadia 2014
  • Automatic
  • 167 781 km
image of Renegade 2016
  • Automatic
  • 52 137 km
image of Range Rover Sport 2006
  • Automatic
  • 308 163 km
image of F-350 2011
  • Automatic
  • 52 444 km
image of Acadia 2014
  • Automatic
  • 80 331 km
image of F-150 2011
  • Automatic
  • 103 887 km
image of Vibe 2009
  • Automatic
  • 188 905 km
image of  2004
  • Automatic
  • 177 028 km
image of Tahoe 2009
  • Automatic
  • 253 944 km

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