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Vintage cars for sale: start or enhance your collection
If you are passionate about vintage cars, why not treat yourself by starting or enhancing your collection? By working with Skillter, you have access to many ads with vintage cars for sale. If you have no experience in the field yet, be aware that to be considered as a classic car, a vehicle must satisfy a certain number of criteria, starting with its rareness and value, amongst other things.
However, if you just want to treat yourself without considering these criteria, our wide choice of classic cars for sale available on our on-line platform should give you full satisfaction. American, European or Asia, our vintage cars for sale are in impeccable condition which allows you to import a vehicle, which is both beautiful and rare, to France.

Numerous ads with classic cars for sale
Skillter is undoubtedly unavoidable when it comes to proposing vintage cars for sale. Via our platform, you can easily order and repatriate your vehicle, in all security, with no middlemen. Besides the reliability of the transaction, the prices of our classic cars for sale are unrivaled and this is far from negligible since it remains an investment. Checks before buying, international logistics, customs clearance, etc., everything has been set up so that you can easily order a vehicle abroad. Don’t wait any longer to order with Skillter, particularly since you receive assistance throughout the purchasing process.
Discover all our ads with vintage cars for sale. Our detailed files with photos and specific information such as the year, the mileage, the gear box, among other things, allow you to quickly compare the different models. Quickly ask for a quote for your new... vintage car. This procedure is free, with no obligation to buy.

Find and import a classic car
The American classic car is a car with separate volumes, stylish lines and powerful engines. Thousands of ads with classic cars are available for you.

A world unto itself
The classic car ads show legendary models, those that appear in films and cult television shows, but also those driven by the world’s most prominent figures. We recognize them by the specific noise of their engine, the smell of leather covering the passenger compartment or even their distinctive radio. Find classic cars in good condition for sale on Skillter!

An exceptional choice with Skillter
The classic car ads provide all the details about the vehicle and its category. The price displayed is the fairest price since it is calculated in accordance with the American market. Buying a classic car is a profitable investment which often brings an added- value if it is resold on the French market. Classic cars for sale on Skillter have obviously been checked. You know what you are buying. Skillter then repatriates the vehicle without calling on different middlemen to propose the most reasonable prices.

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image of Styleline Deluxe 1950
  • Automatic
  • 64 374 km
image of DMC-12 1981
  • Automatic
  • 79 212 km
image of MGB 1974
  • 4 Speed
  • 141 970 km
image of F-100 1964
  • Manual
  • 158 397 km
image of  1930
  • Automatic
  • 48 281 km
image of Mustang 1965
  • Automatic
  • 151 326 km
image of 356 1962
  • Manual
  • 124 326 km
image of Silver Shadow 1969
  • Automatic
  • 112 655 km
image of Silver Shadow 1976
  • Automatic
  • 117 483 km
image of Willys 1945
  • Manual
  • 21 382 km
image of Supra 1985
  • Manual
  • 241 402 km
image of Corvette 1976
  • Automatic
  • 41 843 km
image of  1985
  • Automatic
  • 81 873 km
image of Camaro 1968
  • Automatic
  • 15 350 km
image of Series 61 1949
  • Automatic
  • 119 092 km
image of Satellite 1966
  • Automatic
  • 109 129 km
image of  1951
  • Turbo 350
  • 8 390 km
image of 300ZX 1990
  • Manual
  • 114 554 km
image of Wagoneer 1978
  • Automatic
  • 32 920 km
image of 442 1971
  • Automatic
  • 39 684 km
image of Fairlane 1966
  • Automatic
  • 8 047 km
image of  1954
  • 4- speed Automatic
  • 102 194 km
image of Silver Shadow 1971
  • Automatic
  • 131 967 km
image of Blazer 1989
  • Automatic
  • 8 047 km
image of AVANTI R2 289-289HP SUPERCHARGED V8 4 SPD MANUAL C 1963
  • Manual
  • 134 138 km
image of TR7 1980
  • 1 986 844 427 km
image of 911 1970
  • Manual
  • 99 247 km

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