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Find and purchase your American car
How long have you been dreaming of acquiring a beautiful American car? You have never taken the plunge, the procedure is complicated and time-consuming. With Skillter, you will find all the beautiful pre-owned or new American cars that could set your heart aflutter: recent, sports, vintage or luxury cars. You will find absolutely everything you could wish for. We simplify the paperwork for you and provide support throughout the importation procedure for your American car. We are here to make your American Dream come true!

Why invest in an American car?
The American Dream is not confined to the USA. By choosing to purchase an American vehicle, you bring a little of that dream to your home. You can imagine yourself wearing a Stetson with the windows down driving peacefully along Route 66. With your pre-owned American car, you can also picture yourself in a fine SUV in the center of Manhattan. The importation of your vintage American car is not so complicated when you call on the services of the right companies. You can stop being afraid of investing in an exceptional vehicle by calling on our services.

Why buy your pre-owned American car with Skillter?
Purchasing your American car with means placing your trust in quality and efficiency. We are here to accompany you throughout the purchase procedure of your pre-owned American car. Our business is to make your life easier and all our agents on site search for the best offers for you. Whether you like vintage cars or the most recent ones, whether you prefer high-powered cars or fine lines, knows how to find the model that suits your wishes. So, if you're still hesitating because you think that importing a car is impossible, take the plunge and get behind the wheel of your dream car!

Vintage and recent models
View over 50,000 ads for American cars on Skillter! You are sure to find the collector car of your dreams on Skillter. Not sure how to import a car from the United States? Use the website search engine to find it by filtering the make, model, and year. Go even further by indicating the exterior color, the interior color, the type of transmission, bodywork, and mileage. You will obtain fast access to an updated list of ads for American cars. Browse everything from the Ford Thunderbird to the "new generation" Chevrolet Corvette or big-cabin pickups. The engines of all these have an average horsepower of 150 to 200 hp.

An incomparable selection of collector models
You will find a number of photos of the vehicle on every ad for an American car. You will easily find details about the body, seats, etc. and immediately see if it corresponds to your ideal vehicle. Each ad for an American car precisely describes the model. A technical data sheet informs you about its history and characteristics. Have you fallen for an American car and want to find out more? Leave your phone number so that a Skillter adviser can call you back.