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Chevrolet Impala 4dr car 3.6L V6 2013 pre-owned cars

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  • Mileage

    229 839 km


    4dr Car
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  • Engine

    3.6L V6


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    Phoenix, , Arizona

Thanks to our platform, you have direct access to more than 100,000 listings offered by American sellers, in complete freedom.

8 100 € price is negotiated price from US seller, it does not include taxes and fees related to the importation of the vehicle. Please contact us for details on additional costs.

Reasons to buy in the USA:
As you probably know, the American market is full of particularly interesting offers, for at least four good reasons:
- The exchange rate is advantageous for European buyers.
- Vehicles are generally stored in optimal conditions by their owners.
- You benefit from local ads and buy at the same price as Americans.
- The spare parts market is very affordable in the USA compared to Europe.

Here are the services available to you:
- Physical check of the vehicle, additional photos and videos.
- Securing the international transaction between you and the seller.
- Collection of the vehicle from the seller.
- Land transport to the nearest port terminal.
- Organization of the American administrative procedures necessary for the export of a vehicle.
- Sea freight on rails with protections.
- All-risk transport insurance.
- Home transport for 0.75 euro per km

Why order with Skillter ?

Benefit from local ads and pay the same price as the Americans

skillter quality 1No. 1 in Europe 26 years of experience at your service

skillter quality 2Up to 20% savings on your future purchase

skillter quality 3Over 21,500 satisfied customers with the quality of our service

skillter quality 4Over 90% of them are loyal to us and recommend us within two years

Transparency with our customers is the key for a successful purchase with total trust


  • image Ford Model A 1929
    Clement C.

    Ford Model A 1929

    This fan of vintage cars doesn't regret his purchase! He entrusted the importation of his 1929 Ford Model A to Skillter and is entirely satisfied with the smooth completion of his project.

  • image Mustang 1966
    Dominique D.C.

    Mustang 1966

    Good evening Chris, I have just received my 66 Mustang today. I haven't had the chance to try it because of my work, just the time to drive it into the garage, but I can't wait until the weekend! Thanks again for Skillter's follow-up, advice and professionalism! We'll surely be back in touch!

  • image Chevrolet Silverado
    Dominique D.

    Chevrolet Silverado

    I have just made a childhood dream come true with the help and professionalism of Mr. Doumaiselle and his team. I was easily able to purchase a 1988 Chevrolet pick-up and above all a V8 "made in the USA". From the first contact for an estimate to the delivery of my vehicle on 10/15/2019, they were there on the phone, even on Saturdays and with the difference in time zone, to advise me and reassure me on my choice. I don't regret it. Everything went as planned. After payment, you receive your bills on the same day and then the boss calls you to see if you're happy. The entire chain of Skillter partners were very good, including SOSEA (Élise for customs clearance) and even the driver who delivered the vehicle to my home. Thanks to everyone who helped to make my dream come true with total trust.

  • image Datsun 260Z
    Alain M.

    Datsun 260Z

    Thank you for this wonderful Christmas that I have spent thanks to you and all your team in the company of my family and my new Datsun 260Z.

  • image Triumph TRA
    Alexandre D.

    Triumph TRA

    I would like to take my hat off to SKILLTER, which has enabled me to make a teenage dream come true! Owning a Triumph TRA A. Owning a Triumph TRA A. It was born in the U.S.A. and came to me overseas! A big thank you to Skillter and the shippers who fulfilled their role with honesty and professionalism. I recommend them. Don't hesitate.

  • image Chevrolet G20 Van
    Valentin O.

    Chevrolet G20 Van

    Hello, I can also add my experience with Skillter with no problem. I have just bought a G20 Chevrolet van, and received it a week ago. This is my contribution to the Skillter network. I want to share my first experience with the importation of a G20 Chevrolet van via Mr. Doumaiselle's Skillter network. I was very satisfied with all the services during the first contact on the Skillter site as well as with the direct contact with Chris Doumaiselle, his professionalism and the creation of trust concerning the purchase. He was quickly able to put me in contact with his collaborators both in the USA and Rouen. The financial transactions took place without a problem. The vehicle arrived after 2 1/2 months. I also thank Mafy’us in California and their Sosea partner, Elise Boussu, who did a remarkable job in guiding me throughout the administrative procedures up to the delivery of the vehicle, as well as Mr. Michaut from GT Vintage. Again, bravo to the entire Skillter team and their associates, who I sincerely recommend.

  • image Chevy El Camino
    Thierry G.

    Chevy El Camino

    A lover of American cars, this customer entrusted the #importation of his #Chevrolet #El Camino to Skillter. Chris Doumaiselle went to meet him to get his feedback concerning the quality of the services provided.

  • image Mustang convertible
    Denis M.

    Mustang convertible

    I ordered a 2014 3.7L V6 Mustang convertible via SKILLTER and I am totally satisfied with the perfect condition of the vehicle as well as with the professionalism of the whole team, including Chris, the boss. I take this opportunity to greet them all! It's for all these reasons that I highly recommend Skillter and won't hesitate to call on them again for my next car (when you get a taste for American cars, you're vaccinated for life!).

  • image Corvette C3 L82
    Florian D.

    Corvette C3 L82

    This customer entrusted the importation of his #Chevrolet #Corvette to Skillter and has absolutely no regrets about it.

  • image Chevrolet Corvette C1
    Xavier G.

    Chevrolet Corvette C1

    Dear Chris, Where do I start? Two months ago we didn't know each other and today you have brought me in person the car I have been dreaming of for at least 40 years – a 1958 Corvette C1 that I only had a scale model of on a shelf in my living room. Incredible! How can I thank you for this double gift: the car of my dreams and you giving me the keys in person? You and your team have been remarkable throughout these two months to inform, explain and reassure me with almost daily follow-up. Everything that you explained, and clearly explained I might add, and promised was delivered on time. Hats off! And huge thanks to be shared with all your teams. Your friendliness, availability, reliability, and the trust you inspired in me, as well as the tears in your eyes when you handed over the keys have made this purchase process an exceptional moment for me, along with the encounter with a man of exceptional human and professional qualities, which is rare in our times. I hope that you make a lot of other people as happy as you have made me and I can only warmly recommend they contact you to fulfill their wildest dreams. I hope with all my heart that we will have the pleasure of meeting again soon and that you will honor me with a visit to my home for a meal during a future trip to the southwest of France. Once again, a huge thank you for everything. With best regards,

  • image 3 American cars
    Alain V.

    3 American cars

    This father and his two sons have all bought their American cars in the USA. They called on Skillter's services for their importation.

  • image Mustang GT convertible
    Johan P.

    Mustang GT convertible

    This customer gives his testimonial about the importation of his Ford Mustang convertible. He trusted Skillter to make his childhood dream come true.

  • image Ford F-350
    Philippe S.

    Ford F-350

    This 4x4 enthusiast entrusted Skillter for the importation of his American pick-up.

  • image Jeep CJ
    Arnaud M.

    Jeep CJ

    This customer describes his experience with the importation of an American collector car from the USA.

  • image Ford Mustang
    Gilles B.

    Ford Mustang

    Hello everybody, I have received my vehicle, as you can see in the attached photo... I want to thank you for your efficiency, your follow up and your professionalism from the moment I requested an estimate. I will recommend you to the people around me and won't hesitate to come back to you for my new adventures :) Thanks again

  • image A company of enthusiasts for enthusiasts
    Jean-Pascal C.

    A company of enthusiasts for enthusiasts

    Hello everybody! As a vehicle buyer, I was first attracted by the professionalism of this company, and after some administrative hassle (to put it mildly), I was incredibly impressed by their commitment and empathy to complete this purchase. They didn't hesitate to get involved with the American seller to help me, and I can never thank them enough for that!

  • image Chevrolet El Camino
    Maxime J.P.

    Chevrolet El Camino

    I have just acquired a 1986 El Camino Conquista through the intermediary of Skillter and I would like to congratulate the professionalism of this company and their friendliness. They took care of everything. I received a complete photo dossier of the car as soon as they picked it up from the American seller. I was informed as soon as the ship left the harbor and the French freight forwarder contacted me directly to regularly inform me of the progress of the customs clearance procedure and to obtain collector car registration. Everything went perfectly. I ordered this car in mid-April and I received it at the beginning of July, even more beautiful than in the photos. In all, it took 10 weeks, as was announced at the outset. It is a very reliable company that you can trust and use to purchase your American vehicles with total confidence. Thanks again for all their professionalism and know-how, they have earned their reputation.

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