This bike is Honda 1976 CB400F.

Buyer is responsible for shipping or Local pickup.

I have a State of Maine Vehicle registration, and I can write a bill of sell.

The motorcycle is over 40 years old, so you can enjoy changing some parts. However if you don’t change them, it’s still a great running.

It is a garage storage with a roof in the basement.

•Battery, mirror, oil, brake lever, and clutch lever are new.

•Tires have just been changed.

•Carburetor was rebuilt three months ago.

•Exhaust muffler is a new one from Again that famous Japanese classic bike shop, it’s always sold out, but i could get it, That Sound is amazing.

It’s a Japanese motorcycle, so it will be much better with Japanese parts.

I was riding it in summer, but recently it’s cold and I couldn’t ride it, so I think it’s necessary to take it little maintenance before the ride.

It’s just an old motorcycle, so no claim and no return.

The original muffler and silencer are included.

I can show you some video, so please email us if you have any questions or want to know the details.