Up for Auction is a 1973 Honda XL 175 -The bike runs as nice as it shows. The dedicated hours and parts put into the restoration far exceed what the auction will carry. As you can see from the pictures, I need the space. The history is a Floridian original with title. The re-build by no means is flawless, or ‘factory”-but overall done quite well, for the intention of light trail riding, and country roads. Mechanically the re-build was exspensive, and done by a professional local Honda shop. Cosmetically there was simply no way to restore the original paint, fenders and side panels. The bike was painted in the original Honda orange code (urf 19x-HON) and the plastic side panels are aftermarket-but time period correct. The fenders are Preston Petty. Here is a description of the work done-all receipts accounted for.

Downside of the bike: Pipe has small pea size indents (tiny and underneath)

Right side of the case could use a pro-heat paint-seat has no rips, but has a very small indent from overuse. Could use a new foam inset at some point. Its comfortable, but could use more fresh foam for the heavier rider.

(2) New tires Kenda

Preston Petty F and R fender

(2) aftermarket side panels

(2) Met tech side mirrors

New Top end

New Wiseco Piston 1+ over

Cylinder hone, bore and polish

New Mikuni carb

New front and rear brake pads

Seat-recovered and mounted w/ original cover

(2) new rear forks (pro-tech)  air/spring dampner

Tank and side panels painted-Pro spray/auto tech/

New Battery-

New electrical