Perfect 2005 Elise, Chrome Orange with factory Touring Package. Low mileage:  20,400 miles for a 2005 model.  Clean title. Non-smoking owner. Garage kept.   Additional photos available upon request.

Exterior: Excellent condition, few minor chips on driver door and scattered flecks from road debris. The following exterior upgrades have been performed: 

Inerior: Excellent condition. No tears in seats. No stains. The following interior upgrades have been performed: 

Brakes: Installed Ultra disk rotors and hats with G-Lock brake pads, front and rear. Brake fluid replacement with Castrol SRF in November 2018. 

Electrical: Sector 111 battery mount and cut off controller. Odyssey battery. Battery installed November 2018. 

Engine: The following upgrades have been performed: 

Exhaust: The stock exhaust was replaced with Quicksilver stainless steel unit, exit below the diffuser 

Suspension: The following upgrades were performed: 

Transmission: The shift cables and shifter assembly were replaced in November 2018 with the Inokinetic Sector 111 shifter assembly. Transaxle fluid was drained and replaced with Amsoil Racing oil.