I bought this van a year ago from Avant Garde in Portland.  Here is their listing with photos and work done; https://www.a-gc.com/1982-volkswagen-vanagon-westfalia-c-452.htm

Couple months after I purchased it I moved downtown Portland and am not able to get the use out of it that I wanted.

228k miles, manual transmission, air cooled. Runs great!

Since I bought it I installed a new stereo that inclues Blutooth and USB hookup.  New battery.  Had two oil changes and a safety inspection done at German Motors of Salem.  The oil plug needs to be rethreaded.  There is a slight engine knock the mechanic felt was not anything serious.  I would recommend replacing the tarp material from the pop top.

Gas and electric hookup for utilities.  I only plugged it in once for a moment and heard power go to the refrigerator, but not sure how well it works along with the stove top.

Has warm and cool air, that I imagine works as well as most of these this age - not great depending on the engine and weather temp.

Currently stored in Salem for pickup.