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Black A3 E-tron plug-in hybrid with Prestige package and Sport package. All possible options. Comes with adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go, Navigation, Apple Car Play and Android play, bluetooth streaming, keyless start, backup camera, 705 watt Bang and Olufsen sound system, sport seats, paddle shifters, commuter lane stickers, new tires, LED lighting and headlights dynamic turn signal. $50,700 MSRP in 2018. Mostly highway miles commuting to Bay Area.

Registered, tags good thru July 2020.

Yes, it’s salvage title (the DMV title has a 'salvage' branding on face of document) and this is what it means: The prior owner damaged the front end of their car in early 2018. That owner’s insurance company’s cost to repair the car was too high for them based on their assessed value of the car. See pic of it in the history report link below with the damaged front end. It was not too high for me though because my labor is free. So, I bought it at an insurance auction. All I did was remove/replace parts and conduct diagnostic validations for the car ECU to accept the new parts. The labor time was certainly high 100+ hours or so not including paint shop labor and materials. At 200+/hr standard labor rates in Beverly Hills (where previous owner lived) this will easily total any car. I have all photos and receipts. Only original owner and me. Always a California car.

Car history report is here:    It’s from May 2018 when I bought the car at auction.  I’ve been owner since.

I’ve had the car serviced at an Audi dealer (can show receipts) so likely any new owner can get service, warranty, and especially recall service. I’ve never needed warranty work on this car. I’ve never needed maintenance work as I do that myself. No outstanding recalls and by law you will receive any recall service at any Audi dealer. As a gesture of goodwill I will replace your spark plugs and DSG fluid when it’s due at 40k miles. I’m a certified FAA mechanic and a mechanical engineer by career. I’m confident I do equal or better quality work than any Audi dealership. Anytime after the sale I’d be happy to help with any advice to solve problems.

See original sticker pic for list of all options and features.

See this youtube video for front blinker:

See this youtube video for dynamic rear turn signal:

  Color and detail is not accurate as this is phone camera interpretation and flickering due to cam frame rate / LED rate mismatch.  Audi red lights are a unique, deep red color.

And more youtube videos: 

This year car with these options does not exist anywhere in the nation for sale as per my online search. It is truly unique. The adaptive cruise control and lane assist is something you have to try to appreciate.

When I did the repair I replaced just a few front end parts - the driver airbag, new airbag control module, bumper cover, hood, fenders, engine radiator, electric motor radiator, and a/c condenser. Battery radiator was intact and did not need replacement. There was not a hint of any structural damage to any unibody steel or aluminum components. All was coded properly per Audi OEM software that validated the coding with connection to Audi, Germany at a local Audi Certified repair shop (have receipts). 4 wheel alignment was conducted and set to specification. I wanted to make sure this car was safe and solid because I along with family members was going to drive it. It was and it is. I put 23k miles on the car since I’ve owned it.

Includes owners manual booklets, complete service and repair manual in pdf, jack, lug wrench, inflator and tire sealer kit (see video link).

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