Vintage 1967 Harley Davidson M65. This was Harley's first foray into small motorcycles. They wanted to compete with the Honda 50 and contracted with Italian company Aermacchi to manufacture this line of motorcycles. They were built for and marketed by Harley Davidson and carried the Harley Davidson badge.

Restored to the original configuration. Every system has been throughly repaired and restored. Runs and looks fantastic. I have cleaned and maintained the original paint and patina. It is the best "original" specimen I have seen. These bikes are very rare, especially in this condition. Many have been used and abused but this one was well cared for and spent most of its 50+ years sitting in the cellar of a home in VA where my son in-law found it.

I have taken the time and spent the money to have this bike registered in the state of Florida. This adds to the value since it can easily be transferred and registered in any state. If you have ever been through this process with a vehicle that has never been registered, you will appreciate the effort and cost. It requires a diligent search and finally a court order.

I have included "close up" photos of items that are less than pristine. Typical things that happen to small motorcycles that were ridden off road by kids (most likely). All repairs were performed using NOS parts which are still available from a couple sources on eBay. I have replaced the tires and tubes but kept the originals if someone thought they would want to use the bike for a display. I personally wanted fresh tires so I could take an occasional spin around town and get some smiles from the local patrons.

Let me know if there are specific photos or additional information you would like.