I have a 1985 Honda XR 350R In great condition needs absolutely nothing just add dirt and go play or go out on the street and ride around the City. 

I am not the original owner and the bike has no title , although I have checked the vin# and it is clear. I will add a bill of sale that will be notarized that way you will be able to file for a new title on the bike if you need a title. Outside of that the bike is in great condition runs great , shift through all the gears , brakes are in great condition , suspension also in very good condition. The previous owner had stated that he had restored the bike.

Seat has no tears , rips and the engine does not leak oil anywhere. Bike is very tight for its age. I did notice though on the tank it look like they may have done a very small patch job towards the top left side on it at sometime or another but it also does not leak as well for I?ve had a full tank of fuel in there a couple of times and ran out in the hills and had some fun on the bike w/no leaks from the tank . The bike will need a new rear tire at some point in time.

At the end all I can really say is that this is a fun bike and a great condition for its age you will not be disappointed in the bike runs really good. This bike has been ridden 242 miles a year for last 35 years so the wear and tear on this bike is minimal hell only 8500 miles on the engine and powertrain on the entire bike that’s pretty incredible.