Dave Ekins rode this NSU in the 1953 125cc Class to victory in the Catalina Gran Prix.
It was stock then-see photo.In 1957 it received some 'customization' ’CLEVE’ painted the tank and striping in 1957.The bike ended up at Flanders in Pasadena (where I live) on Fair Oaks and was purchased from Earl when they closed down.I have a correspondence from Mr. Ekins stating that that was the bike he rode.There is a picture of it and mention from one of the old 'Trailblazers' meetings but I cannot locate it.Ed Kretz’s place was just down the way from me on Monterrey Rd, in Pasadena.
There is NO TITLE. Bill of sale Only.
Interested in restored Fox or Superfox.
Other vintage considered.