Mechanic owned has long tube headers and magnaflow exhaust no cats. everything new just painted. I was driving and some idiot chucked a left in front of me and just scratched my front bumper and ruined my car fax. The bumper was not replaced it was just scratched the body is all original. Runs strong not terrible on gas like 17 in town 20 hwy.Tires new. High performance rear control arms for stability on launch.Has aftermarket radio with 10 inch subwoofer tucked in the side back with built in cabinet doesn’t interfere with t roof storage. not a spec of rust anywhere florida car. modified hood with ram air cold air intake. Daily driver. Has ws6 factory 17 inch wheels. comes with a computer programmer. Factory bird on hood. and sides of roof. only asking 8,000.00 this car will never be worth a dime less than that its value is appreciating as it gets older. call steve at 561 699 83 nine twice or go to  .