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2dr Car





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6 speed gated manual

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2dr Cpe




5.7L V12 2-DOHC 48V

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Private party



2007 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Gated 6 speed manual transmission

This is how a GT car should be. A Gorgeous V12 front-engine Ferrari with 600hp. Finished in Nero Daytona with Nero Leather interior on Daytona seats with red stitching.
Fully loaded, it has the Twin 5 spoke two-piece alloys with yellow brake calipers and Scuderia shields are just some of the sought after options this amazing Ferrari has. It has the 30,000 HGTE package. Stiffer suspension, Pirelli Tires and a lower ride profile.



This car was garaged in NY when Hurricane Sandy hit. The garage was partially flooded allowing water in the engine compartment. The rest of the car did not take on water. The complete engine was replaced in California by Beverly Hills Ferrari after a hard to find European 2009 612 engine was found in a crashed car in Italy. The European version produces about 600 hp, 60 more than the American version. There is a noticeable difference in performance. I waited 3 years to find this one. It’s the right color combination, super fast, and has the much sought after gated 6 speed.



612’s were produced from 2004-2010. Overall, 3000 were manufactured, 600 coming to the United States. Gated manual transmissions were made for 4 years, 2004-2007. Ferrari has produced no more manuals since. 199 were installed on the 612, about 20 in the USA. Powered by a DOHC 5.7 liter, 533 horsepower V-12, the 612 'Scag' becomes the first 12 cylinder Ferrari to use aluminum space frame and body. No Ferrari has ever been so comfortable and easy going, especially with the gated 6-speed. The supple-riding 612 feels soft and pliable, yet controllable at any speed. But at the same time very quick with great low end torque. The 612 proves to be one of the most iconic grand touring performance cars to enter the market and it’s equipped with Ferrari’s coveted V-12 engine, now a thing of the past with the exception of one model.


The gated manual provides the opportunity to drive in “gear” most of the time. While it has great low end torque, the gears are spaced so that it can be driven in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th around the city providing great control on turns. Nothing like the sound of 12 cylinders, 48 valves and that familiar whine of the gated gearbox.



Sure, we could all conduct that opera with a pair of paddles and barely lift a finger—just like any amateur can use Auto-Tune and “sing” like someone with talent. The performance results might be a reasonably similar of the real thing, or even mathematically superior. But anyone who’s driven a manual sports car recognizes the difference. The satisfaction of trying and sometimes failing, but then finding that one perfect moment of synchronicity and satisfaction. You’ve done it. You and the machine are one. Driving in the right gears gives so much more control. People that have them, won’t sell them. The boast that the F1 transmission is superior and exhilarating is simply poppycock. Might as well have a Cadillac and drive it never having to shift gears, never having any real fun. Every time I go by a Lambo or newer Ferrari, they all marvel at the sticks shift, wishing they had one. It’s the primary reason I will not buy a new Ferrari.